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Welp, Bundt Pan Cocktails Just Blew Our Freaking Minds
Sugar & Charm

From stuffing to monkey bread, there are plenty of unexpected things you can make in a Bundt pan. But we have one more (very exciting) idea: frozen cocktails. Here’s the deal. 

What you need: Well, a Bundt pan for starters. (We suggest investing in a clear one because it’ll make your ice ring extra Instagrammable.) You’ll also need some fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, booze and a bit of creativity. Think of this as an art project.

What you do: Start by scattering your fillings of choice on the bottom of the pan. (Cucumber and mint? Apple and cinnamon? You’re in charge.) Then, in a separate pitcher, make your favorite punch by combining whatever alcohols, liqueurs and juices you prefer. If you need some ingredient inspo, blogger Sugar & Charm has a few ideas.

Next: Pour about an inch of the punch mixture into the Bundt pan and let it freeze. Adding the liquid little by little prevents the fruits from all floating to the top. Once frozen, fill the pan with the remaining punch. Freeze for at least six hours until solid.

Easy enough? And when you’re ready to serve: Just remove it from the freezer and run some cool water over it. As your ice ring sits out, it will continue to melt and be the most refreshing darn thing your crowd can think of.

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