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Chilly winter nights call for a big bowl of pasta. But how much spaghetti and marinara can one lady abide? Add some diversity to dinnertime with nine delicious sauce alternatives…none of which are tomato-based.


Coconut Milk + Garlic + Ginger + Jalapeńo

Coconut milk gives spaghetti or even zucchini noodles a rich texture without having to use cream or butter.

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Avocado + Garlic + Scallions + Lemon Juice + EVOO

We love pairing this peppy green sauce with zucchini noodles for a vegetarian, guilt-free meal.

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Preserved Lemon Peel + Garlic + Red Pepper + Panko + Butter

Whip up a classic spaghetti al limone right at home and pair with crispy pancetta to balance the tangy lemon flavor.

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Chili Oil + Red Pepper Flakes + Lemon Zest + Parsley

Top a big bowl of angel hair pasta with this fiery concoction.

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Peanut Butter + Soy Sauce + Red Pepper Flakes + Sesame Oil + Lime Juice

Opt for a thick noodle like fettuccine (or even Chinese egg noodles) for a homemade take on pad Thai.

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Broccoli Florets + Garlic + Basil + Parmesan + EVOO

Nutty and velvety, add this one to penne with grilled chicken or green vegetables.

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Pecorino Romano + Parmesan + Salt + Pepper + EVOO

Cacio e pepe literally translates to “cheese and pepper.” As straightforward as it sounds, it gives buccatini or spaghetti a big bite.

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Butter + Sage Leaves + Parmesan + Lemon Juice + Black Pepper

One word: Gnocchi.

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Roasted Red Pepper + Garlic + Onion + Feta + Chicken Stock

We like pairing this sauce with a thick noodle like farfalle or fusilli. If you’re feeling adventurous, add some sun-dried tomato and artichoke to the mix.

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