Have a Safe and Socially-Distanced Halloween with This Genius Candy Slide

Between all the mask-wearing, canceled playdates and virtual learning, it’s been a tough year for kids. Which is why many parents are trying to come up with solutions to keep fall celebrations going, including Halloween (AKA your little monster’s favorite day of the year). And fortunately, two DIY experts from The Wicked Makers have figured out a way to keep the Halloween spirit alive this year while keeping families safe. Presenting... the trick-or-treating candy slide.

This clever contraption allows people to pass treats to trick or treaters without hand-to-hand contact. And the crafty pair are sharing how others can make a DIY candy slide, too.

“In the time of COVID-19, everyone is worried how much Halloween will be affected,” they wrote on YouTube. “A lot of towns and even some states are recommending people don't go trick-or-treating, or at best, stay socially distanced from other people when they do. That’s why we came up with a simple DIY Halloween prop that’ll help let you enjoy the night from a safe six feet away.”

In order to complete this project, you’ll need some PVC piping, connectors, Halloween props (think: spiderwebs and black paint) and candy, of course. While the Wicked Makers team went for a skulls theme, you can totally put your own spin on the slide (maybe a Frozen shoot, complete with blue glitter and icicles?)

To use the slide, one person just stands at the top end and passes goodies down to trick or treaters waiting at the bottom end. Because the slide measures six feet (you can make it longer if you want), it complies with social distancing protocols. Genius. (But just remember to check with your local and state guidelines before the holiday season, OK?)

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