HBO Asked ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans for Their Best Quality & Revealed What Their Fate Would Be in Westeros

Ever wish you were a part of Game of Thrones and spent your days wandering around Westeros? That may not be a real-life possibility, but yesterday HBO gave fans the next best thing. 

The premium cable channel had some fun on Twitter and offered to hypothesize about what fans’ fates would be if they lived in the Seven Kingdoms. The results were extremely entertaining.  

HBO wrote, “You don’t know who will win the Game of Thrones, but I know it won’t be you. Tell me your greatest strength, and I’ll reveal your fate in Westeros. #YourFateAwaits.” And the responses started pouring in.

One guy replied that he’s a pretty great dad and hockey goalie.

HBO congratulated him for being alive.

A woman chimed in saying that she’s, like, a really, really good friend. So much so that she’ll drop anything to help a friend in need.

HBO wasn’t totally impressed and quipped that putting other people first would ultimately be her downfall.

Yet another Thronie shared his talent for projecting his voice.

His Game of Thrones fate? Well, it’s pretty shame-ful and reminds us of Cersei’s pixie cut.

As the fun continued, HBO’s premonitions got better and better. 

When one Twitter user said his only talent is playing the guitar, HBO took a little dig at Ed Sheeran, who guest-starred in the season-seven premiere.

But, of course, we saved the best for last. A very relatable woman shared her talent for perfectly judging pasta servings.

The HBO response? Golden.


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