The Hottest ‘Game of Thrones’ White Walkers Ranked

Maybe it’s the mind-melting effect of this prolonged waiting game between Game of Thrones seasons, but is it just us or are the White Walkers kinda hot? Wait, wait—keep reading. Hear us out:

Sure, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) reigned supreme as GoT heartthrob for seven long seasons, but now it’s a new era, an era in which we are living for the living dead. Underneath those literally icy exteriors, Ice Walkers are quiet (they don’t communicate with words) souls that take it slow—think about how long it’s taken them to march to the Wall? They’re deliberate, thoughtful and like, total catches. And sure, they are very murder-y, but they’re no worse than any other emotionally unavailable guy in Westeros. Plus, we love a powerful older man.

So, ready a pen and piece of paper for MASH because we’re giving you the 411 on the hottest White Walkers in all the Seven Kingdoms.

white walker 2 game of thrones copy

#4: This Rebel With A Cause

His icy blue eye is just beyond (the wall). And that windswept hair? Someone tell Dry Bar they need a new style on their menu.

white walker game of thrones

#3:this Super Laid-back Dude

Break us a piece off of this tall drink of (ice) water. Hopefully we can slide into this guy’s DMs before Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Jon go all dragonglass and Valyrian steel on him.

viseron dragon finale copy1

#2: Viserion (yeah, The Dragon)

It’s unclear whether Viserion is technically a White Walker or a wight, but either way he breathes ice fire. To quote Paris Hilton, that’s hawt.

the night king with arms outstretched

#1: His Royal Highness, The Night King

When the Long Night comes, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than by the Night King’s side. He’s royal, not to mention he’s telepathic, oversees all the wights and he has cheek bones for days. What more could you want? No, really.

Nice try, Dany, but if anyone is going to be the Night Queen, it’ll be us.

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