Game of Thrones is (loosely) based on real medieval kings and queens (not to mention Westeros is just an inverted map of the U.K. with Ireland stuck on the bottom). And the royals are descendants of medieval kings and queens, so it's only fitting that the British royal family share so many traits with our favorite characters on the show. A comparison was bound to happen. (And how else do you explain Ser Alisser Throne meeting Charles at the palace, hmm?)

daenerys meghan markle
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Meghan Markle: Daenerys Targaryen

She’s new to the royal family, just like Dany is new to Westeros (and Jon’s all like, “Hey, guys, here’s my new girlfriend,” which is what we picture Prince Harry had to go through as well). Also just like the dragon queen, the Duchess of Sussex is doing things her own way. (Spoiler alert: Dany could be pregnant in season eight, too…)

harry jon snow
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Prince Harry: Jon Snow

You knew this was coming... The King in the North has conquered it all: Ramsey Bolton, White Walker armies and even death itself. But the biggest challenge of all is yet to come in season eight—just as Prince Harry is getting ready to enter fatherhood. Coincidence? We think not.

queen bran stark
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Queen Elizabeth: Bran Stark

The silent yet deadly Bran may actually be the most powerful character on the entire show (he can see the past, present and future, you guys!). Queen Elizabeth certainly is the most powerful member of the royal family, and we have a feeling she knows everything about the goings-on of the younger generations. Oh, and they both enjoy monochromatic dressing and a starched mandarin collar. See? Twins.

kate middleton sansa
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Kate Middleton: Sansa Stark

Before the Fab Four, it was Kate + Will + Harry. The trio formed a tight-knit group (sorta like the Stark kids), until Daenerys was all like, “Hey, I’m the queen and rightful heir to the throne,”as previewed in the season eight teaser trailer. Sansa and K. Middy also have a knack for steely looks, fabulous hair and a penchant for amazing black dresses.

charlotte arya
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Princess Charlotte: Arya Stark

No, it’s not just because they’re both pint-size and rock a chin-length bob like it’s nobody’s business. We have a feeling Char’s love for balloons is an expert cover-up for a tougher side—one that doesn’t let older brother George push his little sis around. Taking ballet lessons? More like studying fancy footwork from the many-faced god. (Valar Morghulis: All balloons must die, right?)

charles tyrion
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Prince Charles: Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is Dany's right-hand man. Prince Charles, first in line to his mother's throne, is basically Hand to the Queen as well. They both drink and know things (like, how to make Amal and George Clooney belly laugh). Ladies and gents: your royal family (and GoT) dark horse.

george brienne of tarth1
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Prince George: Brienne of Tarth

She's fiercely loyal, loves swords and wears armor. He's fiercely pouty, loves helicopters and has the same haircut. Case closed.

prince william jaime
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Prince Wiliam: Jaime Lannister

Well, one’s certainly not balding while the other is. But William and Jaime are actually so alike. They both love kids, rock military garb like pros and have a deep-seated need to do the right thing. (Curse you, Cersei!)

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