This ‘GoT’ Theory Suggests the Night King May Have a Major Trick Up His Sleeve

The wait for Game of Thrones season eight has left fans with plenty of time to speculate about what the future holds for the Seven Kingdoms. But a recent theory from Reddit user R1400 really stopped us in our (dire wolf) tracks. 

The internet sleuth argues that the Night King (Richard Brake) will likely take over King’s Landing in season eight of the hit HBO show, because, TBH, Cersei (Lena Headey) is pretty damn exposed.  

The theory goes that the army of the dead has our heroes beat in all areas but strategy. After all, they do have larger numbers, giants and dragons at their disposal. And with most of Cersei’s back-up currently busy in the north, the Night King could easily swipe the Iron Throne from her.

But if that’s the case (which it is), then why did the season seven finale show the army of the dead in Winterfell, not King’s Landing? Welp, R1400 thinks the attack on the north is just a fake-out led by some high-ranking White Walkers and that the Night King will hop on Viserion and fly over to Cersei’s home turf while no one is looking. 

Take out Cersei and all other Seven Kingdom leaders in one fell swoop? The theory makes a ton of tactical sense and we could totally see this happening.

Better grab a fur cloak, Cersei. Looks like winter is coming your way.

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