Every ‘Severance’ Season 2 Detail Including the Cast, Plot & Delayed Release Date

Plus, a behind-the-scenes photo and new update from star Adam Scott

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If you’ve seen the entirety of Severance season one like us, then you understand why fans want answers to their burning questions in Severance season two. For instance, what’s next for Helly (Britt Lower)? Why is Harmony (Patricia Arquette) so obsessed with the severance technology? What happened after Mark (Adam Scott) dropped that bombshell? And what in the world is up with those baby goats??

While we can’t answer any of these questions just yet, we’re happy to confirm that Apple TV+ has green-lit the psychological horror series for a second season. Matt Cherniss, the head of programming for Apple TV+, said in a statement back in April 2022, “We’re excited to go deeper into this wholly unique world and unpack more layers of Lumon in season two.” Consider us psyched.

Since then, we hadn’t heard much about the second season. But that all changed earlier this year when the streaming service released a cryptic teaser image, which was immediately followed by a Severance season two update from director Ben Stiller (more on that below).

So, when is the release date? Who is in the cast? What is the plot? And are there any theories or spoilers worth noting? (Plus, do we have any photos yet and can we expect a season three?) Keep reading for all the details on Severance season two.

1. What Is Severance About?

The Emmy-winning series revolves around a team of employees at Lumon Industries, who have all agreed to undergo a surgical “severance” procedure that involves separating their work lives from their personal lives. One of the employees, Mark Scout (Adam Scott), begins to suspect that there's more to this work/life setup than meets the eye. And when he starts to dig a bit deeper, he comes to realize that he's involved in a huge conspiracy.

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2. How Did Severance Season One End?

In the finale, “The We We Are,” die-hard fans will remember that Mark, Helly and Irving (John Turturro) successfully break their “Innies” (aka the work-life version of themselves) out of Lumon Industries, and finally enter the outside world. As a result, the trio encounters shocking revelations about their "Outies." Mark discovers that (spoiler alert!) his "dead" wife is actually still alive. Irving learns that his Outie is investigating the company, and Helly learns that she's the daughter of Lumon’s CEO.

In his December 2022 interview with Gold Derby, show creator Dan Erickson said, “There is an expanding world that I think is teased, and in a way is owed, by the way that we ended season one. We did suddenly get some glimpses of Helly’s life on the outside. What is Dylan’s life on the outside? What is Irving’s life on the outside? They have stuff going on that we haven’t seen, that we haven’t explored yet. And of course, inside the company, there’s plenty of stuff that we haven’t seen yet. It’s expanding on both sides. That’s both the fun and the challenge.”

Scott also teased what’s to come in the new season. “It’s really fun, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it, so I don’t have to, like, continue keeping secrets, which is a total bummer,” he told Deadline. “But yeah, there’s so much crazy stuff that happens, I just can’t wait for everyone to see it."

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3. What Has Apple TV+ Shared About Severance Season Two?

Through an official press release in April 2022, Apple TV+ confirmed that fans will get to enjoy another season of the bizarre workplace thriller. Director and executive producer Ben Stiller said, “It’s really exciting to see the response from people who are loving the show—and the level of fan engagement. It has been a long road bringing Severance to television. I first read Dan’s pilot over five years ago. It has always been a multi-season story, and I’m really happy we get to continue it.”

Matt Cherniss, who's the head of programming for Apple TV+, also said, “Severance has imagined an existence that’s equal parts riveting and enthralling as viewers around the globe can’t get enough of these rich characters. We’re excited to go deeper into this wholly unique world and unpack more layers of Lumon in season two.”

Earlier this year, Apple TV+ posted a photo of Adam Scott’s Severance character, Mark Scout, on the streaming service’s official X (formerly known as Twitter) page. In the image, Scout wears a blank expression on his face as he stands in front of a white, solid background.

Of course, this led fans to ask for a status update on Severance season two. One fan reposted the tweet on their page and wrote in the caption, “Give us a sign @BenStiller.” Luckily, the Severance director saw the message and commented, “We are working on it,” along with a salute emoji. However, the 58-year-old actor didn’t reveal any more info, as far as a possible release date or casting deets. But still, it’s something.

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4. What Is the Plot for Season Two?

At the 2022 Comic-Con panel, Erickson revealed that the new season will be all about “building out the world a little bit more, and with this tweak to reality, what the ramifications would be.” And later that year, he told Entertainment Weekly, "In season two, we're going to be showing all of these people on the outside. Similar to Mark, they each had their own reason for getting this procedure, and they're all at some stage of a healing process for one thing or another... Being able to take what Adam did in the first season—with the differentiation between his Innie and Outie, and how they feel like the same person but with this vastly different lived experience—seeing the other three characters' version of that dichotomy is, I think, the most exciting part."

In April 2022, Stiller also told Variety that Mark will deal with new complications in his love life. He said, "There is this growing connection between Mark and Helly happening during the season, and then on the outside, Mark is trying to get over his wife’s death—and then we’re going to find out that his wife is still alive. To put him in this position where the Innie Mark, we’re starting to root for him and Helly, but now we also want to root for Outie Mark to find his wife. That’s an interesting juxtaposition and conflict we’ll explore in the second season."

As for Dylan (Zach Cherry), Stiller confirmed with Deadline that season two will explore his backstory a bit more—especially when it comes to his Innie's discovery of having a child. Stiller said, "Obviously, that’s a huge question and something that really is important to be dealt with because their whole perception of the world has been altered by having this glimpse. That’s going to be a lot of what the second season has to deal with—a big part of the engine of the second season’s beginning."

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5. Who Is in the Cast of Severance Season Two?

The main cast is set to make a comeback in the next season, including:

  • Adam Scott as Mark
  • Britt Lower as Helly
  • John Turturro as Irving
  • Patricia Arquette as Harmony
  • Christopher Walken as Burt
  • Tramell Tillman as Milchick
  • Zach Cherry as Dylan
  • Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey

6. Are Any New Cast Members Joining Severance Season Two?

Per Deadline, Game of Thrones’s Gwendoline Christie and Godless star Merritt Wever are joining the team, along with Bob Balaban, Alia Shawkat, Robby Benson, Stefano Carannante, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson and John Noble.

Back in August 2022, Severance executive producers Ben Stiller and Dan Erickson sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and shared a few choices for their dream guest stars. 

“For me there are a lot, people like Christopher Guest I kind of imagine ‘Wow that would be amazing if someday he might be a part of the show,’” Stiller said. “It’s fun when you have a show like this where it allows for people to maybe come in for an episode or two but also fit into the world of Severance.” 

But, for Erickson, he would love to have former president Barack Obama make a brief cameo in the series and hoped he could try to convince him at the 2022 Emmys. “If he is [there] I’m going to see if he wants a role on this show,” he said. “I think he’d be really good, he’d bring some gravitas.”

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7. Has Filming for Severance Season Two Already Begun?

In October 2022, Apple TV+ announced that production on season two was officially underway. On Instagram, the streaming service wrote, "Every time you find yourself here, it’s because you chose to come back. #Severance Season 2 filming has started."

Additionally, on her IG Story, Lower shared a rare behind-the-scenes photo while on the set for the second season. She simply wrote, "We begin again."

Stiller also confirmed that Severance season two has started filming. The director shared a BTS photo of Scott and wrote, “Back to work.”

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8. Why Is Severance Season Two Delayed?

Well, for one, there's the lengthy filming process. The first season took nearly nine months to complete, according to star Adam Scott. However, due to the WGA and actors' strikes, production was delayed even further.

In May 2023, Deadline reported that filming officially came to a halt, but now that the strikes are over, things are back on track.

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9. What Is the Release Date for Severance Season Two?

Apple TV+ has yet to confirm the official release date for season two. However, a few outlets have reported that it will likely drop sometime in 2024, since season one took nine months to film and production was shut down during the writers' and actors' strikes. Here's hoping we won't have to wait too long to reunite with the Innies.

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10. Are There Any Severance Season Two Theories?

The most popular theory is that the MDR team will be punished, especially now that the Lumon execs know about their attempted revolt. Perhaps they'll be sent to the mysterious break room. If they keep their jobs, maybe Milchick will wipe their memories completely. Either way, retaliation is expected. 

Another question mark is Harmony and why she’s so obsessed with the severance technology. Perhaps Lumon’s larger purpose is tied to Harmony’s personal one: finding out if a totally dead or nearly dead person (perhaps her mother, Charlotte?) can be “reintegrated” and brought to life again.

There’s a good chance that Mark will further explore what happened to Casey. He will return to Lumon knowing that Ms. Casey is actually Gemma. Although she retired and ventured down the elevator of doom to who knows what, Petey’s map hints that there’s a wing of the building where “some people may live.”

This would also support another theory, which suggests Lumon is cloning dead or nearly dead people, then implanting the clones with the same chips used for severed employees. It would also explain why there's a plethora of baby goats, which are good for cloning (and really cute). Although we don’t have spoilers yet, the new season should give us answers about what Lumon really does.

11. Has Severance Won Any Awards?

Where do we begin? The show was nominated for three 2023 Golden Globe Awards, including Best Television Series (Drama), Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama Television Series (Adam Scott) and Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical-Comedy or Drama Television Series (John Turturro).

In 2022, Severance won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Main Title Design and Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score). It was nominated in 12 other categories, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Adam Scott), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Patricia Arquette), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (John Turturro and Christopher Walken), Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program (One Hour or More).

12. Is There a Trailer for Severance Season Two?

There is no official trailer for season two of Severance quite yet. When Apple TV+ made the announcement that the series had been renewed for season two, they shared a short teaser to Instagram, which was posted by star Scott. In the video, a blank computer screen is shown, and suddenly words flash onto the screen: “You'll feel like you never left. Severance season two.”

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13. Are There Any Spoilers for Severance Season Two?

So far, the Severance cast and crew have been pretty tight-lipped about the plot of season two. But if we do stumble upon a spoiler while browsing the interwebs, we’ll report back with what we find.

14. Do We Have Any Severance Season 2 Photos?

Several weeks ago, Scott posted two BTS photos from the set of Severance season two. In the first, a camera is seen filming the star as his character sprints down the hall, presumably at Lumon. In the second image of the slideshow, fans get a glimpse of Scott's personal chair on set. The star captioned the post, "Lovely being back at the office."

Clearly fans of the show were happy to have any sort of update, as Scott's post received over 110,000 likes (including likes from fellow AppleTV+ names Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston).

15. Wait, Isn’t There a Film Called Severance?

There is, but it’s entirely unrelated to the Apple TV+ show. The comedy-horror film premiered in 2006, and it starred British actor Danny Dyer. The story follows the employees of a company who embark on a team-building retreat at a lodge. Chaos ensues when the attendees begin dying one by one.

Collider describes the U.K. movie as a cross between The Office and Friday the 13th, so proceed at your own risk. The Severance film is available to stream on Prime Video

16. Has Severance Been Renewed for Season Three?

Apple TV+ has not renewed Severance for a third season yet, but we have a feeling that it's on the horizon.

For context, the show was renewed for season two in April 2022, right as the first season was coming to a close. So, we likely won’t get a season three renewal until the final episodes of season two air, sometime in 2024.

But don't lose hope. There appear to be big plans for the Apple TV+ drama. As creator Erickson told Esquire: “There's an overall plan for the show. I have an end point in mind, and I intentionally didn't plan it season by season, because I wanted it to be flexible enough that we could get there in two seasons or six seasons. I want to allow us to be surprised by where the show goes. There’s a sense of what Lumon is trying to do and the role that our main characters are going to play in that, and where it all will culminate. It's really exciting to think about taking the next step on that trip.”

Six seasons?! We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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