What’s the Deal with Arya Stark’s New White Horse on ‘Game of Thrones’? We’ve Got Answers

*Warning: Spoilers—and horse puns—ahead*

Why the long face, Arya's horse? Has Dany and Drogon's murderous spree got you down?

We don't blame ya, since episode five of Game of Thrones was one helluva (dragon) ride. Unfortunately for the King's Landing citizens, Daenerys couldn't hold back her Mad Queen tendencies and decided to unleash her version of fire and fury over the innocent people of the city.

Thankfully for our hero Arya Stark, though, a big, white, blood-splattered stallion was there to help her out of the war-torn battleground and flee to safety (albeit after surviving a few huge explosions...can someone put the pint-size assassin on concussion watch, please?).

But what's the deal with this white mare? Why did this moment of "The Bells" episode feel so significant? Here's our take:

The Figurine

Arya encounters a woman and her young daughter as she's trying to escape King's Landing in episode five. The mom and child actually save Arya when she's about to be trampled trying to get out of the city after deciding to take The Hound's advice and not kill Cersei. During their dangerous time together, the little girl that Arya is trying to save is holding a white horse toy.

According to one theory, Arya actually did die during one of the many explosions she encountered, but the Lord of Light brought her back to life (remember that moment where, just like Jon Snow's resurrection, Arya is lying on stone steps and immediately awakens, covered in ash and gasping for air?). She was brought back to fulfill her prophecy of killing a green-eyed queen (though, this time, it's not Cersei, but rather Dany, who also has green eyes).

So perhaps the Lord of Light also animated the little girl's toy and brought it to life as well, in order for Arya to master death and dole out justice to the Mad Queen.

The Silver

Our first instinct when seeing the white horse scene was to remember the gift Khal Drogo gave Daenerys on their wedding day. He gave Dany a beautiful white horse just like the one Arya encounters, and it was called "the silver." Could Game of Thrones be drawing parallels between Dany and Arya? Both have exacted death on their enemies, both have taken revenge for the wrongs committed against them, and both are riding into battle in the hopes for a better tomorrow.

The Bible

There's a biblical reference to a pale white horse and death in the book of Revelation. The line reads, “I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.” While it's probably a stretch to assume this particular scene has Christian symbolism, it's interesting to note that this line from the Bible fits so perfectly with Arya's character (who has referenced death and its many faces numerous times throughout the series), as well as fire-breathing Drogon, who could be synonymous with Hades.

Or maybe it was just a ~spur~ of the moment decision by the writers? (Sorry, we had to.)

Tune in to the final episode of GoT on Sunday, May 19, at 9 p.m. to behold Death riding in on a white horse.


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