This Intense Scene with Sansa and Tyrion Was Cut from the Battle of Winterfell Episode

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Between Viserion attacking Drogon and Arya getting chased through Winterfell by wights, we could hardly breathe through the Game of Thrones episode three Battle of Winterfell.

A couple of characters did, however, offer up some relief: Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister. Down in the crypts, hiding out from the battle with the rest of the women and children, Sansa and Tyrion had a couple of heartfelt moments. They joked about their marriage, looked truth in the face and shared a genuinely sweet kiss on the hand. 

But there was another scene between the Lady of Winterfell and the Hand of the Dragon Queen that didn't make it into the episode. In a behind-the-scenes YouTube video posted by the Game of Thrones' official channel, Sophie Turner and Peter Dinklage actually filmed their characters sneaking up behind two wights and taking them out. You can watch the scene at minute-mark 19:02 below.

"The whole action was really fun because I never get to do any action," Turner said. 

So why did they cut these two fave characters' heroic scene? That part's unclear, but most likely they just couldn't squeeze it into the 1-hour-22-minute jam-packed battle episode.

Or was it because it gave fans even more reason to ship Sansa and Tyrion as a couple again?

Tune in Sunday, May 5, at 9 p.m. on HBO to see if romance is in store...


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