Not Sure About You, but I’m Shipping Sansa and Theon So Hard Right Now

Move over, Arya and Gendry and Brienne and Jaime. One couple that I couldn’t stop thinking about after the second episode of season eight of Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy. Holy sparks, you guys!

To recap last night’s episode, Sansa and Theon were reunited when the disgraced Greyjoy showed up at Winterfell’s doorstep to take up arms (a bow and arrow, to be specific) and help the cause of the living against the Army of the Dead. He and Sansa embraced (yes, cold steely Sansa offered him a hug) and our hearts soared.

While we know the two have both suffered miserably at the hands of Ramsay Bolton and his torturous devices, the scene felt more complicated than just a sympathy party for each other.

Sure, Theon and Sansa could be totally platonic, and that hug was nothing more than another “thank you” to Theon for rescuing the Lady of Winterfell from her captor, sparing her from even more horrific rape scenes courtesy of sick, disgusting, psychopathic Ramsay (did we mention we hate Ramsay?).

But it seems to be more than that, at least to me. Think about it: Sansa and Theon would be perfect together. Besides Theon’s insane backstory, which is arguably the most redeeming and fulfilling character arc of the entire show, they both have grown up at Winterfell. They’ve both been through it (capital Through, capital It) and have made it out alive. But neither has really been able to open up about their trauma and the endless torture they endured. The two of them as a couple would mean that they understand each other on a deeper level that no one else ever could or would.

Also, what with Sansa’s past, it seems Theon would be the perfect partner (yes, even though he’s missing a few parts down there). Sansa is probably (understandably) repulsed by the thought of marrying someone (flashback to Littlefinger trying to make moves on her in season seven, and we know how that turned out—OR DO WE?), especially anyone who wants to control her, but Theon wouldn’t be that husband. Theon is the only one who knows what she’s gone through, and (I believe) would treat her with the care and respect of an equal (and not, as so often happens on the show, his property).

In another scene, we see Sansa and Theon eating outside together at Winterfell, and we’re sure they had a lot to catch up on. Perhaps this really is the start of something that sort of semi-resembles a happy ending for these two formerly miserable souls…

Tune in to episode three on Sunday, April 28, at 9 p.m. on HBO. (And pray for more sparks to fly between these two.)

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