This Is Why Gwendoline Christie Says She Self-Submitted for Her ‘Game of Thrones’ Emmy Nomination

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Gwendoline Christie basically asked herself "WWBTD?" (What Would Brienne of Tarth Do?, obvi) after HBO failed to nominate her for this season's Emmy Awards. The show, which is up for a whopping 32 Emmys, submitted for other categories and actors on the show.

But Christie, along with co-stars Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) and Carice van Houten (Melisandre) was passed over by the network. That's when the trio decided to nominate themselves, which included covering the $225 entry fee, according to The Hollywood Reporter. All three received the nominations they applied for.

Instead of brandishing a sword or taking someone prisoner after finding out the network wasn't able to nominate her, though, Christie said she decided to self-nominate as a "testament" to her on-screen counterpart. In a recent interview with the L.A. Times, Christie said was inspired by her Game of Thrones character, the loyal and noble knight Brienne.

“I checked that it wasn’t an inappropriate thing to do, and I was told it wasn’t. People submit themselves all the time,” Christie told the newspaper. “I truly never expected it to manifest in a nomination and I don’t think anybody else did either. But I just had to do it for me. And I had to do it as a testament to the character and what I feel she represents.”

Christie also added that she wanted to highlight the "unconventional" female characters like strong, determined Ser Brienne who are still uncommon in the entertainment world.

“I wanted the possibility of being recognized for everything that character represents, for what she’s meant to me and for the part I feel she’s played, in some small way, in the burgeoning landscape we have in entertainment of seeing women in a different way,” Christie continued. "A more realistic way and a more unconventional way.” 

It should be noted that although it's common for actors to submit themselves for an award, it is rare that these submissions result in nods. So, yeah, it’s a Westeros–size big deal.

So Brienne/Theon 2020? That's a ticket for the Iron Throne we could totally get behind.


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