10 ‘Game of Thrones' Set Locations You Can Actually Visit

One of the major reasons we watch Game of Thrones—other than to ogle Jon Snow’s beautiful broody face and Khaleesi’s perfect everything—is because of the seriously stunning set locales. (OK, the writing and acting are pretty superb, too.) You might not be able to witness fire-breathing dragons flying the friendly skies, but did you know many of GoT’s most recognizable and awe-inspiring film sites exist in real life and are open to the public? From King’s Landing to Dragonstone, check out these ten gorgeous ‘Game of Thrones’ set locations you can actually visit.

doune castle
Courtesy of HBO

Winterfell, Aka Doune Castle, Scotland

For just under $8, you can visit this stunning 13th-century medieval castle where Jaime Lannister pushed a young Bran Stark out of a window when the prince witnessed the Lannister siblings' incestuous love tryst in the unforgettable season one premiere. Located in the central Scotland village of Doune, you can marvel at the castle's sprawling views of the nearby River Teith and Menteith Hills or, better yet, enjoy an audio tour of the castle narrated by Terry Jones of Monty Python, which was also filmed here.

game of thrones dark hedges1
Courtesy of HBO

The King's Road, Aka The Dark Hedges, Northern Island

Hop in the car and take a road trip to the Dark Hedges, where—equally as foreboding as its Game of Thrones body double—you’ll find the real life trail that Arya used in season two, episode one to escape King’s Landing. Located in Northern Island in the city of Ballymoney, this breathtaking line of beech trees was planted in the 18th century to impress visitors of a nearby mansion and, today, is recognized as one of the best road trip destinations in the U.K. and Ireland.

game of thrones beyond the wall
Courtesy of HBO

Beyond The Wall, Aka Hverfjall Volcano In Lake Myvatn Iceland

On the hunt for white walkers? Look no further than Hverfjall Volcano, where most scenes beyond the wall are filmed. This tuff ring volcano is close to northern Iceland’s Lake Myvatn area and makes for a pretty spectacular hike. The sweeping views and unique landscape are worthy of a hearty “I’m on top of the world!” yell.

jon and ygritte cave scene game of thrones
Courtesy of HBO

Jon & Ygritte’s Love Nest, Aka Grjótagjá, Iceland

Live vicariously through Ygritte (and Rose Leslie IRL) by visiting Grjótagjá, the cavernous hot spring in the northern part of Iceland, where she and Jon Snow got it on in season three, episode five. Grjótagjá is best known for its geothermal hot springs, natural caves and gorgeous scenic views.

sunspear and the watergardens
Courtesy of HBO

Sunspear And The Water Gardens, Aka Alcázar Of Seville, Spain

This sprawling palace was one of the extravagant homes to House Martell (the ruling house of Dorne) in seasons four and five. The lush greenery, marble arches and renowned architecture belong to the royal palace of Seville, located in Andalusia, Spain. We want to go there. (And bat our eyes at Oberyn, too.)

mereen game of thrones
Courtesy of HBO

Meereen, Aka Klis Fortress In Split, Croatia

You’ll recall the almighty Khaleesi overthrew the city of Meereen in season four and earned one of her 80,000 titles, “Breaker of Chains,” in season four. This gorgeous medieval fortress is actually called Klis Fortress and is located 20 minutes north of Split, Croatia. Overlooking a small village dotted with vineyards and olive groves, Klis Fortress offers a bird's-eye view of Split’s bustling city, the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding Dalmatian islands.

yunkai game of thrones
Courtesy of HBO

Yunkai (slaver’s Bay), Aka Ouarzazate, Morocco

When Khaleesi freed the people of Slaver’s Bay in Yunkai, she was really traipsing about in Ouarzazate, a little Moroccan village nestled in the Sahara desert. Nicknamed the “doorway to the desert,” Ouarzazate is a delightful oasis where travelers can travel by camel, camp under the stars and keep watch for dragons.

long bridge of volantis
Courtesy of HBO

The Long Bridge Of Volantis, Aka The Roman Bridge Of Córdoba, Spain

Remember when Tyrion Lannister and Varys journeyed to Meereen in season five to see if the so-called Mother of Dragons really existed? The pair walked along the Long Bridge of Volantis, which is actually the Roman Bridge of Córdoba located in Andalusia, Spain. Today, tourists can watch the sunset glisten over the Guadalquivir River and then head into the city to enjoy a glass (or carafe) of sangria on one of Andalusia's many exquisite patios.

s02e08 tyrion and varys on the walls
Courtesy of HBO

Outskirts Of King’s Landing, Aka Dubrovnik, Croatia

Anytime you see exterior shots of King's Landing, you’re actually seeing the cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia, a city completely enclosed by walls on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Visitors of this popular Mediterranean travel destination can explore the pedestrian-only Old Town, relax on one of the city’s many half-moon bays and enjoy some of Croatia's delicious wine. You may recognize this coastal city as the place where Cersei performed her traumatizing walk of shame through the streets of King’s Landing in season five, episode ten.

game of thrones filming locations
Courtesy of HBO

Dragonstone, Aka Downhill Strand In Northern Ireland

You know the gorgeous Dragonstone beach where Jon Snow finally met Khaleesi in season seven, episode three? Downhill Strand, located in the village of Castlerock, in Northern Ireland, is known for being the country's longest beach (spanning seven miles long). When not being overrun by dragons or the Game of Thrones film crew, the Irish haven is a relaxing beach community with pubs, water sports and all the golden sand your heart desires.

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