HBO *Finally* Confirms ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Premiere Date

game of thrones tormund giantsbane

After a long, hard winter with no word about when to expect Game of Thrones season eight, HBO has finally spoken.

Today, the premium cable company confirmed that the hit show’s final season will premiere in 2019. So Sophie Turner was right, and we’re as upset as we were when Hodor had to, um, hold the door. Ugh.

Historically, HBO released new seasons of GoT in the springtime. Season seven, however, was the first season to premiere in the summer because the production schedule required adjusting to capture the many winter scenes (duh, winter is coming). Because of the season seven delay and because nature chooses to do whatever it damn well pleases, the ETA of the final season was later than expected.

Thankfully, there is some good news. Sound designer Paula Fairfield shared at the first annual Con of Thrones convention that the production team is considering making the six final GoT episodes—wait for it—movie-length!

We may be forced to wait another winter to see how the Jon Aegon and Dany ship plays out, but at least we’ll have half a dozen episodes the length of Drogon’s tail to indulge in when the time finally comes. Here’s hoping season eight is worth the wait…

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