Ricotta Toast Is Trending on TikTok (and These Are 15 of Our Favorite Recipes)

TikTok has given us game-changing food trends like baked feta pasta, ranch pickles and pesto eggs. Next on our to-eat list is ricotta toast. While we’re no stranger to this dish (and we’re betting you aren’t either), creative sweet, savory and vegan iterations are popping up all over our “For You” page and we can’t wait to try them. Here are 15 of our favorite TikTok ricotta toast recipes to whip up at home.

15 of Our Favorite TikTok Tortilla Hack Recipes

1. Avocado Ricotta Toast

Two breakfast essentials united in cheesy harmony. Think crusty bread fried in olive oil, smeared with ricotta cheese and topped with thin-sliced avocado, crushed red pepper flakes and honey.

2. Tomato Ricotta Toast

One of the most popular takes on the ricotta toast trend stars tomatoes, whether they’re blistered, sauteed or raw. (’Tis the season, after all.) Here, they’re cooked with garlic salt and paired with arugula and honey.

3. Mushroom Ricotta Toast

Garlic, shallots and a variety of mushrooms are sauteed in oil, then cooked until jammy in soy sauce, brown rice syrup (you could substitute honey) and broth. Once the ‘shrooms are layered atop the ricotta toast, finish them with chopped chives and a drizzle of olive oil.

4. Vegan Ricotta Toast

Who knew almonds could be turned into a whipped topping that’s eerily like ricotta? All it takes is a few blitzes is the food processor with garlic, water, lemon juice and seasonings, including nutritional yeast for its cheese-like flavor.

5. Berry Ricotta Toast

Macerating berries (aka mixing them with sugar and/or liquid) turns them soft and extra juicy. Here, summer strawberries, blueberries and blackberries get the special treatment before being plopped atop ricotta toast (though they’d be just as delicious on vanilla ice cream).

6. Pesto Egg Ricotta Toast

This TikTok hack mashup is as easy to make as it is delicious. For the uninitiated, pesto eggs call for swapping cooking oil for a dollop or two of pesto and cracking an egg into it once it’s warm. Add it to a piece of ricotta toast to make pure magic.

7. Peach Ricotta Toast

Joanna Molinaro, or @thekoreanvegan, uses plant-based ricotta, white peaches, vegan bacon, basil and brown rice syrup to make this summer treat. Feel free to substitute prosciutto and honey if you aren’t vegan.

8. Roasted Grape And Thyme Ricotta Toast

Roasting grapes in olive oil and salt is our secret weapon when it comes to putting together an epic charcuterie board. Their flavor turns extra sweet and complex after a short trip in the oven (and a drizzle of honey).

9. Ricotta Scramble Toast

Instead of simply topping the ricotta toast with a sunny-side up egg, the egg and cheese are whisked together to make the fluffiest scramble of all time. Go the extra mile by rubbing the toast with sliced garlic and sprinkling it with dried herbs before topping it.

10. Wild Blueberry Ricotta Toast

Tart-sweet bluebs are simmered in a pan with a dash of cinnamon until they burst and release all their juices. Chopped pistachios are sprinkled on top for crunch, while herbs and honey are added for freshness and sweetness respectively.

11. Blistered Tomato Ricotta Toast

It only takes a few minutes for cherry tomatoes to turn juicy and slightly charred in a hot oiled pan. And since they’re at peak deliciousness right now, all they’ll need is a sprinkle of salt and herbs. (BTW, Brightland’s Rosette garlic olive oil would be great for drizzling on top.)

12. Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Egg Ricotta Toast

This rendition that trades traditional green pesto for sun-dried tomato pesto reminds us a bit of shakshuka. You could also use jarred marinara, canned tomatoes or tomato paste in a pinch.

13. Strawberry-almond Ricotta Focaccia

Forget the toppings: Our favorite part about this ricotta toast is that it’s made with focaccia bread instead of sourdough or other more popular choices. (But the berries, honey and fresh basil don’t hurt either.)

14. Tomato-olive Ricotta Toast With Arugula

We love the addition of olives to this otherwise standard ricotta toast because it offers a pop of briny acidity to every bite. They’re tossed right into the pan to be sauteed alongside sliced garlic and grape tomatoes.

15. Baklava Ricotta Toast

We’re all for pushing this breakfast trend into dessert territory. Cinnamon-kissed chopped walnuts and pistachios (we’d toast them in the oven for a few minutes first) are sprinkled onto a slice of ricotta toast before being doused with honey. Bonus points for crowning it with crumbled phyllo.

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