8 Popular Food Combos on TikTok (That You Need to Try ASAP)

If you’re on #foodtok, odds are you’ve spent countless hours watching people try unexpected food combinations. From sriracha pickled garlic to pickle-topped vanilla ice cream, there’s nothing TikTokkers won’t try at least once. But only a handful of odd food combos have gone viral‚ some for being shockingly tasty—and others for being…well, the opposite. We’ve narrowed down eight of the biggest trends and tasted them ourselves, so you don’t have to brave any snack that’s less than delicious. Scroll down for our honest reviews (and you can thank us for our bravery later).

6 TikTok Food Trends We’d Totally Try (and 3 We’d Skip)

1. Try It: Watermelon + Yellow Mustard

Since content creator @yayayayummy shared this unexpected snack, fruit lovers everywhere have given watermelon with a drizzle of yellow mustard a try. He claims it’s tangy, vinegary and that the mustard complements the melon’s natural sweetness seamlessly. Lizzo, on the other hand, tried it and decided a sprinkle of Tajín was a tastier route—although she did go back for second and third bites of the mustard-topped watermelon.

Final Verdict: This simple snack is weirdly and inexplicably satisfying. The punch of vinegary acidity intertwined with the juicy fruit is reminiscent of something like a lime-spritzed melon salad…but since it’s mustard and not citrus, it’s a bit spicier and more bitter. The combo is nothing earth-shatteringly delicious, but it can’t hurt to try at your next barbecue. After all, you’re likely to have both on hand anyway.

2. Try It: Pickles + Kool-aid

If you’re from Mississippi, Kool-Aid-infused pickles are a convenience-store (or back of the fridge) staple. But to newbies, the sight of a deep crimson pickle can stop you mid-scroll. Some recipes suggest adding an additional half cup of sugar to the jar, but others simply call for draining the pickle brine into a bowl, stirring in a packet of Kool-Aid mix until it dissolves and adding the brine back to the pickles in the original jar. After shaking them and letting them chill in the fridge for at least 24 hours, you’ll be left with vibrantly colored pickle spears that are equal parts sour and sweet.

Final Verdict:'re onto something epic, Mississippi. We used cherry Kool-Aid mix, and the results were sour, fruity and ridiculously refreshing. Adding sugar will give you a sweeter final product, but we loved how the pickles' natural acidity lended itself seamlessly to the cherry flavor. (You could experiment with any Kool-Aid flavor you’d like, but most TikTokkers use tropical punch.) Is it weird if we nosh on these by the pool or...

3. Try It: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos + Ranch Dressing Mix

Two cult-favorite products united in spicy harmony. We’ve been dreaming about this next-level snack ever since it graced our For You page. It’s as simple as opening a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, dumping in a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning mix and shaking until the Cheetos are evenly coated.

Final Verdict: There was zero doubt in our mind that this would instantly become our new favorite snack. It’s hot, it’s creamy, it’s tangy—we’d dip our hearts out with sour cream or ranch dressing until the bag is empty, TBH. Our only critique is that the Flamin’ Hot flavor is so strong that the ranch seasoning is more an accent than the main event. We’d try it with *two* packets next time for a ranch-ier flavor.

4. Skip It: Cucumber + Sugar

Micro-food science lesson: Melons and cucumbers are actually both part of the gourd family, so it’s not too much of a stretch that some TikTokkers think cucumber sprinkled with sugar tastes like watermelon. Personally, we were skeptical but psyched to give this one a try. (Anything that’ll make us want to eat more veggies, right?)

Final Verdict: Allow us to be the first to say that some videos definitely exaggerate how delicious this combo is, as well as how uncanny its taste is to watermelon. While cukes are refreshing like watermelon, their texture, flavor and juiciness are too different for us to say they taste the same. You’re not missing anything if you skip this one…unless you’re a fan of gritty cukes.

5. Try It: Bell Pepper + Sandwich Fillings

This trend has endless variations, but the basic gist is substituting bell pepper halves for bread and stuffing them with your favorite sandwich fillings. Viral renditions include cream cheese (which makes for a crudité-and-dip-inspired flavor), but you can load it with deli meat, sliced cheese, guacamole or more veggies too.

Final Verdict: If you 1) like the taste of bell peppers, 2) love crisp, crunchy sandwiches or 3) are on keto or a low-carb diet that limits how much bread you can have, this hack is nothing short of ingenious. The only con is that it can be a tad messier than typical sandwiches, since the bell peppers are juicy and slippery compared to bread.

6. Skip It: Chocolate + Tomato

It’s one pregnancy craving that TikTokkers taste again and again. We tried it with Hershey’s milk chocolate, but many creators use dark chocolate instead.

Final Verdict: Hear us out: It’s weirdly good…but barely. Like, could we eat this? Yes. Would we rather just eat chocolate by itself? Absolutely. However, we’re betting sun-dried tomatoes with chocolate taste better since they have a contrasting tart flavor and chewier texture.

7. Try It: Hot Dog + Peanut Butter

Sounds like your picky kid’s dream dinner, right? To us, it felt more like a rent week emergency dinner or a Chopped basket gone wrong. We were a liiiittle scared to taste it, but to our surprise…

Final Verdict: You truly won’t believe how well these flavors go together until you try it yourself. The peanut butter melts into a rich, buttery sauce due to the hot dog’s heat. Its nuttiness actually pairs really well with the hot dog’s sweet smokiness. Feel free to top it off with sriracha (or heck, grape jelly).

8. Skip It: Reese’s Cups + Pickles

Selena Gomez is seriously obsessed with pickles. Not only does she dip her Tabasco-drizzled popcorn in pickle juice, but she also crowns her Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with pickle chips. With her rec in mind, some celebrity-focused TikTok creators have tried the snack to find that it’s shockingly less awful than they expected.

Final Verdict: We love pickles. We love Reese’s Cups. We do not love them together. Truthfully, the flavor isn’t even the bad part—it’s the conflicting textures of the chalky, gritty peanut butter filling and the wet, crunchy pickle. We don’t get it. Sorry, Selena.

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