What Is Tajín Seasoning? (And Why Does It Make Fruit So Much Better?)

Hint: It's not very spicy but imparts tons of flavor

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You’re hosting a last-minute get-together, and you have three ingredients in the fridge: a cucumber, a pineapple and some leftover Indian. Save the chicken tikka masala for lunch tomorrow. It’s time to put that cuke and pineapple to work with a little something you should always keep in your pantry: Tajín seasoning. But wait, what is Tajín spice exactly and how do you use it? We spoke to a culinary expert for the full scoop, and it turns out it’s delicious on more than just fruit.

Meet the Expert

Chef Eric Vasta spent the better part of the last decade cooking in luxury hotels around the world — in such far-flung destinations as Dubai, the Maldives, and Mallorca — before becoming head of the culinary team at JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort, where he now serves as Director of Food and Beverage. Chef Eric was trained at the New York Restaurant School and received a Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management degree. He has cooked for the James Beard Foundation at the James Beard House in New York City, President Barack Obama, legendary chef Marco Pierre White, and even a royal wedding in Abu Dhabi.

What Is Tajín Seasoning?

Tajín is a pre-packaged Mexican seasoning made with chile peppers, salt and dehydrated lime juice. Ever have a bag of Tostidos Hint of Lime tortilla chips? Well, Tajín is like an authentic Hint of Lime seasoning. It’s tangy, salty and spicy. Or, as Chef Eric describes it, “a perfect blend of chili peppers lime and salt,” that can be used to add a tangy hit of spice to a whole host of foods.


What Do I Use It On?

Since it packs a savory flavor punch, it pairs deliciously with fruit and veggies, enhancing their sweet flavors and rounding them out. Your homemade guacamole is suddenly restaurant grade with a dusting of Tajín seasoning. (Chef Eric likes to sprinkle it on avocado toast.) A sweet, watery cucumber cut into quarter-inch circles, laid flat on a plate and sprinkled liberally with Tajín becomes a refreshing appetizer. And on pineapple, mango or melon, the seasoning elevates the sweetness and makes it more complex. Chef Eric even puts a hit of Tajín in margaritas for an extra kick. Best of all, each flavor-packed app, cocktail and dessert is ready in less than 30 seconds.The culinary potential of Tajín doesn’t end there, though. Per the expert, it can be used to make a mean cream sauce, which he features in his Key West shrimp and grits, or even combined with everything bagel seasoning and whipped into cream cheese for a delicious party dip that pairs well with bagel chips.

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Where Can I Get It?

You can pick up Tajín seasoning in any grocery store’s spice section, or buy it right now Amazon. Something tells us your friends are about to start inviting themselves over for dinner more often.

3 Recipes That Use Tajín

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