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Out with the old (Aperol spritzes) and in with the sangria, spices and satiating diet. Here are five food trends we’re predicting to take over this summer.

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global spices
Photo: Nico Schinco/Styling: Eden Grinshpan

Global Spices

You don’t have to book a flight to eat like you’re in Marrakesh or Istanbul. North African and eastern Mediterranean spices are crossing the pond and heating up (sorry) stateside. We’ve seen lip-tingling urfa biber on chicken sammies at The Fly in Brooklyn; zhoug (a fiery Middle Eastern herb sauce) at our local Trader Joe’s; and we’re even dabbling with sumac and harissa in our own test kitchen. Want to get a taste? Try our recipe for Sumac and Fennel Fattoush or Harissa and Honey-Roasted Carrots.

dirty horchata
Sirintra Pumsopa/Getty Images

Dirty Horchata

It’s officially iced coffee season, but we have a confession to make: We’re swapping our usual cold brew for something a bit sweeter. Horchata—the traditional Mexican rice milk—meets espresso in a cinnamon-y, sweet, addicting concoction called “dirty” horchata. Spotted at Guisados and Cafe de Leche in Los Angeles (and a mainstay in Latin America since forever), it’s poised to be the most refreshing thing you’ll drink from now through Labor Day. (Want to make it at home? Try this recipe from The New York Times.)

Brandon Marsh Photography/Getty Images


The Aperol spritz has been dethroned, and while we admit that rosé isn’t going away just yet (or probably ever), we’re seeing a rise in another thirst-quenching libation for hot summer nights: sangria. Stores like Aldi and Target are hopping on board, with bottles and fruit kits that make it easier than ever to whip up a big batch of this Spanish, wine-based punch. All you need now is a place to lounge poolside—and don’t forget the ice.

the satiating diet
d3sign/Getty Images

The Satiating Diet

The latest in healthy eating is a little bit common sense, a little bit science. It’s called the satiating diet, and it’s kind of like if the keto diet and the Mediterranean diet had a baby. Think lots of protein and fibrous fruits and veggies, healthy fats and probiotic-rich dairy. But unlike the trendy diets of yore, this one’s all about eating foods that leave you feeling full (not starving).

kin euphorics adaptogen cocktail
Heidi’s Bridge, Courtesy of Kin Euphorics

Elevated Mocktails

Ever realized that a “mocktail” is usually just a carbonated beverage mixed with whatever juice you happened to have lying around? Same. This summer’s batch of zero-ABV cocktails is a major upgrade. Spirit-makers like Seedlip are crafting bevvies from distilled botanicals that have the same herbaceous, aromatic qualities as liquor, minus the boozy buzz. Another, Kin Euphorics, is embracing adaptogens and nootropics for drinkss that leave you refreshed, restored and totally blissed out. Hangover? What hangover?

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