First, it was whipped Dalgona coffee. Then pancake cereal. TikTok’s latest contribution to the food world might just be its most logical and resourceful one yet. Presenting the tortilla hack, a trend that involves making a vertical slit half the length of the tortilla, from the bottom to the center. This allows the tortilla to be folded and pressed or fried, creating a portable four-ingredient wrap. There are countless ways to tackle the easiest food trend ever created, but here are 15 of our favorites.

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1. Mexican-Inspired Quesadilla

Always put the cheese in the bottom right quadrant—this ensures it will be closest to the heat source and melt completely when you brown the wrap.

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2. Pizza Wrap

The O.G. is a simple mix of cheese, marinara sauce and raw sliced mushrooms, but we’re chomping at the bit to add pepperoni (or even to go the ham-and-pineapple route).

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3. Middle Eastern Wrap

Leave it to the Feel Good Foodie (Yumna Jawad) to swap the tortilla for pita bread. We love this light take, complete with labneh, cucumbers and zaatar with olive oil.

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4. Chicken Cutlet

Salty, crispy, gooey—yup, this sammy checks all our boxes. (And you can bet we’re following suit with jalapeño mayo.)

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5. Cheeseburger Wrap

Behold, the gooiest cheeseburger you’ll ever make. That’s because the patty is topped with fancy sliced cheese before being folded and pressed with another layer of shredded cheese.

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? Bamboleo - Gipsy Kings

6. Vegan Wrap

Sorry, crispy chicken—tofu has this one covered. Even though it’s lacking meat, this wrap definitely isn’t short on flavor, thanks to a creamy mix of hummus and pesto.

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7. Breakfast Wrap

Creamy eggs + salty bacon + fresh spinach + a generous spread of spicy mayo = a good morning indeed. Don’t forget to season the eggs before folding.

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8. Avocado, Pesto and Turkey Fold

Here’s a meal worth bragging to your trainer about. To save time, lay the cheese down *before* adding the turkey in the bottom left quadrant instead of melting it on the turkey pre-fold.

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9. Hawaiian-Style Wrap

If you’ve never understood the appeal of Spam, this TikTok will change your mind. It’s sliced and sautéed in soy sauce and sugar before being folded into a sheet of nori (dried seaweed) with white rice, avocado and a runny egg.

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10. Copycat Taco Bell Crunchwrap

Want to know the quickest way to become the coolest mom in town? Make these for the kids instead of the usual come Taco Tuesday (come on, it’s got Doritos in it).

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11. Fruit and Cheese Wrap

This one’s like a handheld charcuterie board (watch out, jarcuterie), from the honey to the green apple slices. Pro tip: Toast both sides of the tortilla a bit first to help the Brie melt.

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12. Rice Paper Wrap

Nope, that’s *not* a clear tortilla, as some TikTok users put it—it’s rice paper. Stuffed with rice noodles, meat, greens and dipping sauce, it’s sort of like a wrap-summer roll hybrid.

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hot cheetos is one of my major food groups ##tortillatrend ##hotcheetos

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13. Hot Cheeto Quesadilla

You know those culinary concoctions that toe the line between weird and plain genius? This one’s at the top of our list.

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14. Dessert Wrap

We wouldn’t blame you for serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Feel free to play around with different nut butters or fruits (or heck, even swap the Nutella for cookie butter).

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15. S’mores Wrap

Hi, summer. We’d be remiss not to suggest trading marshmallow spread for real toasted marshmallows, but we’re definitely not too proud for Fluff in the off-season.

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