How to Make Whipped Strawberry Milk, the 2-Ingredient Viral Drink Inspired by Dalgona Coffee

By now, you’ve probably heard of (and maybe even made) dalgona coffee, and if you haven’t, we salute you for somehow escaping the zeitgeist. The frothy, whipped drink—made up of instant coffee, sugar, water and milk—that went viral on social feeds everywhere has had its moment in the spotlight, enough to inspire more fluffy beverages than we ever knew we needed. The latest? Whipped strawberry milk, which is pink, sugary and surprisingly easy to make at home.

While the exact origins are unknown, one popular version of the caffeine-free drink comes courtesy of food and lifestyle Instagrammer Valentina Mussi (aka @sweetportfolio), who shared a tutorial that’s since garnered more than 600,000 likes on Instagram. And while whipped coffee was simple enough to make, this drink calls for just two ingredients: heavy cream and strawberry-flavor Nesquik syrup.

According to Mussi, “all you need is 1 tbsp of Strawberry Nesquik and 4 tbsp (1/4 cup) of heavy whipping cream. Mix it until your arm is numb and serve over cold or hot milk.” We can’t help but think back to our childhood, when strawberry milk was liquid gold and we could stomach that much sugar in one sitting. Will we be running out to buy strawberry syrup? We’re not sure…but the video is pretty satisfying to watch on its own.

If strawberry isn’t your thing, Mussi also has instructions for whipped peanut butter milk, whipped Nutella milk and whipped matcha. And psst: If you haven’t made dalgona coffee yet, watch our tutorial.


Senior Food Editor

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