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The kids went trick-or-treating for hours and now have a lifetime supply of candy in their possession. What to do with it all? Make dessert sushi, a sweet DIY project that the whole family will appreciate. Here’s how.

What you need: Store-bought or homemade Rice Krispies Treats and fruit roll-ups, plus all of your favorite candies. We suggest using gummies (Swedish Fish or gummy worms, if you want to go the traditional route), but you can really use anything.

What you do: Cut the Rice Krispies Treats into small rectangular pieces and use them as a base. Top each rectangle with a candy. Slice your fruit roll-ups and wrap a strip around each piece of "sushi" to keep the candy in place.

Need extra help? The food blog Jelly Toast has a handy video that demonstrates how to make candy sushi two ways.

Finally, eat your homemade candy sushi. Chopsticks optional.

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