It happens every time: We make a big batch of mashed potatoes, but by the time we get around to having seconds, they’re stone-cold and congealed. Here, a surprising hack to keep your spuds piping hot until the end of dinner. 

1. Make them the day before. Yep, you read that right. Make the whole damn recipe from start to finish. Transfer them to an airtight container, stash ’em in the fridge and don’t worry about them (the turkey needs your attention).

2. Microwave ’em right before dinner. Nuking the potatoes quickly warms them all the way through and, surprise, causes them to remain warm for hours.

But why? Conventional wisdom says you should always make your taters right before serving. But when you mash up the hot ingredients, you incorporate pockets of cold air (the culprit!). Mash the dish ahead of time, reheat and you eliminate this sneaky problem.

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