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Finally: A Meal Delivery Service for the Lazy Girl

It seems like a real time-saver to have dinner ingredients and a detailed recipe delivered fresh to your home. Trouble is, most services we’ve tried clock in at around 30 of minutes prep time. We know, that’s not that long, but we’re soooo tired—we’d rather stand at our kitchen counter eating an avocado with a spoon. 

Enter Gobble, the meal-prep delivery service that promises you’ll need no more than 15 minutes (turns out, more like ten) to whip up a hot meal from fresh ingredients. That’s because Gobble drills its recipes down to three steps; its motto is “no shopping, no chopping.” Be still our hearts. Here’s what happened when we made their chicken curry. 

Cooking the food: We sautéed the pre-cubed poultry (three minutes), then added a bag of tomato-y sofrito to the pan, followed by a bag of curry (another three minutes). The biryani rice had already been steamed, so it just needed to be heated in the microwave (one minute). Finally, we plated it (one minute) cozily next to the naan bread we’d toasted in the oven and the pre-shredded carrot salad we drizzled with cumin lime vinaigrette.

Eating the food: Our laziness efficiency (eight minutes total!) did not trump good taste. The curry was flavorful enough for our household foodie, but not too spicy for our other, pickier eater. And the portion sizes were just right for everyone to feel full.

Our only quibble: Cooks are expected to have their own cooking oil. So make sure your kitchen is stocked before you get too hungry for another grocery store run.

Will we do it again? With mole-rubbed steak and summer vegetable bucatini with burrata up next, we’re psyched for an easy, well-fed summer.

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