You want to eat healthier. Really, you’ve tried. From cutting down on sodium to swapping in cauliflower for all the carbs, you’ve mastered the art of tiny changes. Except…quinoa. Ugh. It’s right up there with diced cardboard.

Maybe you’ve heard the tip about boiling it in chicken broth. (Honestly, meh.) But we’ve just discovered a much better water substitute: pineapple juice.

It’s life changing, you guys. Just cook your quinoa as you normally would but replace the water with the juice (or combine them within the standard 2:1 liquid-to-quinoa ratio). Suddenly, you have a fruity, sweet grain that you can pair with chicken, shrimp, peppers, nuts, avocado—really anything you’d like.

Sure, you’ll want to be cautious of your sugar intake, but if a little splash of tropical flavor is all it takes to make you a quinoa convert, we say mission accomplished.

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