The 13 Best Low-Calorie Wines, So You Can Get Your Sip on Without Breaking Your Diet

You’ll cut fast food, baked goods and soda from your daily meals, no problem, when on a diet, but you’ll hang onto that post-dinner glass of wine as tightly as possible. And that’s totally OK, since there are tons of lean, tasty vinos on the market to explore. Read on for 13 of the best low-calorie wines you can buy, whether you’re searching for a berry-forward red, a crisp white or a fizzy canned spritzer.

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Our Pick: Pinot Grigio

At 80 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar per five-ounce serving, Cupcake’s LightHearted wines are a much lighter choice than your favorite brand of hard seltzer. And at 8 percent ABV, they have 33 percent less alcohol than a traditional glass of vino. The collection ranges from a creamy chardonnay to a stone-fruit-forward pinot noir, but we like the Pinot Grigio for its bright, crisp flavor and notes of citrus and apple.

Our Pick: Mango

Want to spice up your usual table wine? Turn to AgaVida’s fruity, organic agave-based line. Each flavor contains only 80 calories per serving and 5 percent ABV, so it couldn’t be easier to drink—even with a big meal. Bubbles make it extra thirst-quenching, while familiar fruit flavors like peach, strawberry and green apple impart an extra dose of sweetness to the bev. Our go-to flavor is the tropical, ever-delicious mango. Feel free to sip it on the rocks or use it as the base for a next-level sangria.

Our Pick: Cabernet Sauvignon

FitVine is a favorite of wellness-focused wine lovers everywhere. Their wines are gluten-free, vegan, low in sugar and free of additives, all while maintaining full-bodied flavor and a generous ABV (14 percent to be exact). The cab sauv is the best rated across multiple retailers. We’re betting that’s thanks to notes of lavender, currants and oak that shine through in every sip (oh, and because it has less than 1 gram of sugar per glass and only 117 calories per glass).

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Our Pick: Sauvignon Blanc

So fresh, so clean. Illuminate your taste buds with Liquid Light, a low-cal wine brand that deserves your attention. Available in sauvignon blanc and rosé, this line of better-for-you wine contains less than 100 calories per serving, so go ahead and have that second glass. We like the sauv blanc for its lively, acidic nose and palate. Think grapefruit, pineapple, lime and tropical fruit.

Our Pick: Pinot Grigio

You’re no stranger to this boxed wine company, but have you tried their Breeze line? They’re all low-sugar, low-carb and clock in at 80 calories per five-ounce serving. At 8 percent ABV, you won’t need to sacrifice booziness either. The Pinot Grigio is a fan favorite, as it’s easy-drinking, fruity and balanced with crisp notes of citrus and peach. It’s prime for serving with grilled foods and seasonal salads.

6. Bev

Our Pick: Rosé

Want to keep the calories low without sacrificing ABV? Bev’s line offers seltzer-level effervescence at 100 calories per can, 11.9 percent ABV and 0 grams of sugar (bye-bye, hangover headache). The collection includes an array of white wines and a noir variety, but the rosé is our top choice. Dry, crisp and fruity with notes of berries and peach, Bev’s rosé has the optimal dose of bubbles to refresh you in an instant.

Our Pick: Grapefruit

Unlike many canned cocktails that lean on malt liquor, Spritz Society’s line boasts a 100 percent white wine base. Due to real fruit juice and a touch of cane sugar, each can clocks in at 120 calories, 5 grams of sugar and 6 percent ABV. It’s not the leanest on our list, but it beats sugary cocktails by a mile and can satisfy your craving for something fruity. The bubbles are refreshing, yet subtle enough that you won’t feel bloated and burpy. If you ask us, the grapefruit variety is the standard for a reason. The first thing you’ll notice when you crack the can is the authentic aroma of fresh-cut citrus. Then, sweet-tart citrus flavor with just a hint of bitterness.

Our Pick: Tempranillo

Winc’s clean line of sustainably farmed vinos is made with no added sugar. At 120 calories per glass and a 13.2 percent ABV, it packs a punch without totally spoiling your diet. Wonderful Wine Co. has white and orange wine assortments in stock, but the red is a cult favorite. Their silky, round Argentinian Tempranillo is just the ticket for occasional red drinkers, since it’s bold with notes of dark fruit without being overbearing. It pairs like a charm with barbecue and lamb.

Our Pick: Rosé

Vegan? Check. Organic? Check. No added sugar? You bet. Cameron Diaz’s wine brand has plenty to get excited about, whether your go-to is cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay. The rosé— made from grenache, cinsault, caladoc, syrah and cab sauv grapes—is particularly beloved for its light, fresh flavor that’s reminiscent of summer melon and citrus zest. Best of all, a glass will only put you back 107 calories and 0 grams of sugar. (Oh, and in case you want to take it on the go, the rosé is also available canned…just sayin’.)

Our Pick: Sauvignon Blanc

Created by WW (formerly known as WeightWatchers) and California-based Cense Cellars, Cense sauv blanc will only cost you 3 PersonalPoints if you’re on the program. If you aren’t, know that each five-ounce pour of the New Zealand-made wine contains just 85 calories and a 9.6 percent ABV. It’s crisp, bright and citrusy, bursting with juicy notes of kiwi, lemon, lime and grapefruit.

Our Pick: Rosé Wine with Bubbles

100 calories + 0 grams of sugar + 6.9 percent ABV + an Insta-worthy can = your new favorite canned sparkling wine. BABE 100 is BABE’s low-cal iteration of their original canned wines, which also come in pinot grigio and red selections. Consider it the wine stan’s alternative to boozy seltzer (its ingredients are minimal, limited to wine, water and CO2). But the rosé is BABE 100’s real claim to fame, as it pairs beautifully with…well, basically everything.

Our Pick: Cabernet Sauvignon

Our list would be incomplete without the O.G. low-cal wine brand making an appearance. Skinnygirl’s vinos contain 100 calories per serving, and this dry red boasts a boozy 13 percent ABV. This multi-award-winning cab sauv from California is full-bodied, sophisticated and soul-soothing. With notes of dark fruit, vanilla and toasted oak, it’s basically chocolate’s soulmate, but you could also pair it with steak, burgers or duck.

Our Pick: Sauvignon Blanc

Believe it or not, this pick contains a remarkably low 70 calories per serving. Made from individually harvested Marlborough grapes, this Kim Crawford vintage is crafted with “spinning cone” technology, a low-vacuum distillation process that reduces the alcohol of the base wine without impacting its aroma. For the sauvignon blanc, brace yourself for elegant, full-flavored notes of passionfruit, guava and citrus, crisp acidity and an herbal finish. If rosé is more your speed, savor its vibrant watermelon nose and dry berry palate instead.

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