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Non-alcoholic wines are really maturing, according to Daniel Stiller, proprietor of Better Rhodes, an online retailer that specializes in alcohol-free beverages. Whether the occasion is Dry January or a desire to explore an alcohol-free evening the other 11 months of the year, people are buying wine that’s alcohol-free. But who’s the new demographic embracing this formerly niche product? “About 70 percent of our customers are millennial women,” Stiller says. “We do not see this as an anti-alcohol movement but rather a pro-health, wellness and mindfulness movement.”

Why Are Alcohol-Free Wines Having a Moment?

Think of it this way: Years ago, it wasn’t a thing to consider meat-free options for your dinner party guests. And today, hosts plan vegetarian options without a second thought. Similarly, today the inclusive wine get-together includes alcohol-free options that don’t scream “No Booze Up In Here,” but are instead carefully crafted wines that have sophisticated flavor profiles that don’t include alcohol. Many of these bottles come from some of the world’s top vintners, for example Luminaria’s chardonnays and red blends are made from fruit grown at Trinchero Family Estates in Napa, a vineyard that produces Sutter Home along with dozens of other top traditional wine brands.

We asked Stiller for his top-selling wines, along with user reviews, to add to your hosting, happy hour or just-another-Wednesday-dinner experience; we've shared selects here, clustered in Sparkling, White, Rosé and Red groupings. Not sure which you might like to try? Opt for Better Rhodes’s upscale wine assortment that includes six of their most popular bottles.

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Top-Selling Sparkling Wines

Better Rhodes

1. Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay

Tomson & Scott is an English company that uses traditional winemaking techniques in stainless steel vats then de-alocholizes by vacuum distillation with aroma recovery. Finally, the bottle is lightly carbonated. “When I stopped drinking alcohol—I did not like the physical effects—I thought I would not taste Champagne again,” says one reviewer. “Noughty's alcohol-free sparkling Chardonnay is so good and so remarkable in its ability to mirror all the good tastes of bubbly without alcohol. Serving it for Christmas this year instead of Veuve Cliquot!”

Buy It ($22)

2. Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rose

It’s a dry, festive option. “I love that it’s organic and vegan! It’s not too sweet and has half the sugar of regular wine,” says one buyer.

Buy It ($22)


3. Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling

This fruity yet dry wine is from respected Reisling maker Josi Leitz. The proprietary de-alcoholoization method preserves the freshness of the wine, while the cardon dioxide (aka bubbles) in the sparkling expression balances the sweetness to make it taste drier than it actually is, so you can taste a bit of lemon and spice without too much sugar. “The perfect alcohol-free wine for drinking while pregnant,” says one reviewer. “Crisp notes or apple, apricot and citrus zest with hints of cream and honey. Lovely amount of bubbles and fizz. Not too acidic.”

Buy It ($23)


4. Starla Sparking Rosé

"You can barely tell the difference between this and the real deal!" says one fan of this alcohol-removed wine that has notes of strawberry blossom, citrus and lychee, as well as a sweet gardenia effervescence.

Buy It ($28)

Top-Selling White Wines

Better Rhodes

5. Ein Zwei Zero Reisling

“Fantastic!” raves one fan. “It tastes just like the real stuff (which it kinda is, minus the alcohol)! Nice bite of the tart grapes and good body. Definitely recommend this wine to anyone looking for a white that doesn’t taste like a non-alcoholic wine.” The wine’s tasting notes list lime, citrus, rhubarb and a little hint of red apple on an underlying mineral base, which we're translating to mean it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Buy It ($18)

Better Rhodes

6. Geisen Sauvignon Blanc

“Giesen Sauvignon Blanc was a happy surprise,” says a reviewer who has ordered multiple times. “I liked it from first taste and have enjoyed it as a very decent substitute for the real thing. It is nice and dry and has some good depth and flavor.” Made from New Zealand-harvested grapes, its initial lemon shortbread note is followed by passionfruit and blackcurrant, finishing dry on the palate.

Buy It ($24)

Better Rhodes

7. Luminaria Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay 2018

A reviewer lauds this “oaky and delicious” white made from Napa Valley grapes that the winemakers process using a delicate alcohol-removal process that allows them to preserve the bright acidity as well as fruitiness in the flavor profile. And ooenophiles will tell you—the 2018 harvest yielded great fruit.

Buy It ($24)

Top-Selling Rosé Wines

Better Rhodes

8. Surely Rosé

“A very good rosé,” says one fan, who likes it as “a great substitute without having to answer all the “why aren’t you drinking?” questions.” Made in Texas from California grapes, it yields fruit-forward notes of bright peach, passion fruit, strawberry and a very subtle note of watermelon.

Buy It ($26)

Hallal Wine Center

9. Pierre Zero Rosé

Suitable for both sweet and sour foods (we’re thinking grilled chicken or an Asian stir fry), this bright crisp rosé has hints of rose, lemon, cinnamon and tarragon. It’s enjoyed best, fans say, when it’s ice cold.

Buy It ($24)

Better Rhodes

10. Le Petit Etoile Rose

This pale pink wine is made from cabernet and chardonnay grapes, which has a fruity nose (red- and blackcurrant, raspberry) and floral spicy notes that are underpinned by notes of pink grapefruit. It’s produced in France, and from the bottle to the mouthfeel “it’s tres elegant,” says one fan.

Buy It ($30)


11. Rock Grace Ruby Reserve Non-Alcoholic Drink

This rosé calls itself a non-alcoholic drink, not a wine, because unlike many alcohol-free wines that are crafted then have the alcohol removed, this has never had any fermentation. Yet the raspberry and vanilla-forward flavors yield a drink that resembled "a wine experience," says one reviewer " It felt really elegant and I was blown away with the natural herbal ingredients combined."

Buy It ($55 for two bottles)

Top-Selling Red Wines

Better Rhodes

12. Lussory Premium Tempranillo

“I purchased this for a family member who has an alcohol allergy but missed the taste and activity of having a nice red wine with a meal,” says one reviewer about this red wine that comes from La Mancha, Spain. “After the first sip we both stared at each other…you’d never know it is zero percent alcohol! It has the flavor of sitting in a barrel but it’s not obnoxious. The color is a beautiful deep red and it has just enough sweetness to take some of the barrel flavor edge off.”

Buy It ($17)

Better Rhodes

13. Luminaria Red Blend

Pinot and Zinfandel grapes are used in this California-grown blend. “It tastes just like regular wine,” enthuses one reviewer. “No grape juice flavor, and not too sweet. I love it.”

Buy It ($24)

Better Rhodes

14. Zeero Sangiovese

An Italian red that’s blended especially for Better Rhodes by Casa Emma, this is a dry table red that also has notes of blackberry, currant and white peach. A tannic dryness is going to suit any rich Italian recipe or chocolate dessert, or just relaxing by the fire.

Buy It ($22)

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