The 20 Best Rosé Wines to Sip This Summer, as Chosen by Our Vino-Loving Editors

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The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up and we’ve retired our chunky sweaters—summer is officially here, meaning it’s time to rosé all day. To celebrate our favorite time of year, we polled our vino-loving staff to find the best rosé wines of the season. Whether you like ’em crisp, sweet, bubbly, in a pretty bottle or an easy-to-tote can, our list has you covered. Read on for our favorites, plus a little info about your favorite type of wine.

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The Best Rosé Wine at a Glance

What Is Rosé Wine?

Ever wonder how this wine gets is Insta-worthy color? Rosé production starts with black grape juice and skins, much like red wine. But the skins are removed after a short period of time, resulting in a signature blush hue that ranges from pale, light pink to deeper orange-pink. Rosé wine is also famously easy to drink, thanks to its low tannins and approachable flavor.

Rosé can be made from any type of black grape, and its exact flavor will depend on the varietal and where it was made. (For instance, Provence-style rosé is usually fruity and zesty, Spanish Rosado is typically light and fresh, and Italian Rosato can be very bold, depending on where it’s from.) It’s best served chilled and can pair with all sorts of food. Light, crisp varieties will work well with salty or spicy meals, rich cheeses and seafood. Juicier, more intense rosés go well with pasta, fried foods, poultry and pizza.

How We Chose the Best Rosé Wine

Taking popular brands and our food team’s industry knowledge into account, we polled our staff for their favorite rosé wines of all time. We then researched each recommendation to determine each wine’s best qualities and uses to come up with a comprehensive list to suit a range of palates and price points.

Best Fruity Rosé Wine

1. La Vieille Ferme Rosé

  • Promising review: “It’s light, fresh and so affordable. And because I don’t speak French and would butcher the name, my friends and I exclusively refer to it as ‘chicken wine’ because of the label, which makes me smile.” —Sarah Stiefvater, wellness director
  • ABV: 13.5%
  • Region: Rhone, France

The product of cinsault, grenache and Syrah grapes, this rosé is as fresh and fruity as they come. Give it a sniff and you’ll be blown away by robust notes of red fruit, nectarines and peaches. A slightly bitter finish rounds out its fruity profile just right. Match it with fresh summer tomatoes, whether in the form of pomodoro sauce or a savory heirloom tomato tart, as well as grilled meats and appetizers.

  • Promising review: “It’s very light and so easy to sip, plus who doesn’t love a good pun name?” —Abby Hepworth, editor
  • ABV: 12%
  • Region: California

Named after the brand’s carbonic fermented sangiovese, this rosé calls for briefly pressing the grapes to get its gorgeous hue. The grapes only rest for 12 to 24 hours, so the resulting wine only has a touch of pigment. Made from grenache and Mourvèdre grapes, this breezy pick offers big floral notes on the nose and hints of citrus, mango, Asian pear and peach on the palate. Pair it with everything from seafood to strawberry shortcake.

Most Easy-Drinking Rosé Wine

3. Avaline Rosé

  • Promising review: “Not too sweet or bitter, and it’s super smooth; I could literally chug it.” —Destinee Scott, assistant editor
  • ABV: 12.6%
  • Region: France

Looking for an organic wine to serve at your next picnic? This beauty, made with grenache, cinsault, caladoc, syrah and cabernet sauvignon grapes, is bound to impress and delight. Light and fresh with notes of summer melon, it’s a great choice for people who tend to avoid sweeter wines. Its zesty profile makes it a great match for spicy foods, shellfish, tacos and salmon.

  • Promising review: “It’s fruity and I reuse the bottle as a vase. It’s just so pretty!” —Stephanie Maida, senior commerce editor
  • ABV: 12.8%
  • Region: Long Island, New York

Unlike its Côtes de Provence predecessor, this beauty hails from New York. Made from Long Island’s top grapes (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, cabernet franc, gewurztraminer, sauvignon black, pinot mineur and pinot blanc), it’s luxurious, balanced and bold. Its aroma is clean and fruity, while its dry flavor boasts a finish of yeast and chalk. Sip it alongside shellfish, soft cheese, fish, pork or poultry.

Best Sweet Rosé Wine

5. 14 Hands Unicorn Rosé Bubbles

  • Promising review: “Unicorn tastes exactly how it sounds—like a sparkly, magical unicorn. As you might expect, it leans heavily on the sweeter side of rosé, but it’s not so sweet it hurts your teeth. It’s a great one when you want something light and fun.” —Nicole Briese, commerce director
  • ABV: 13%
  • Region: Washington

Made from a blend of cabernet sauvignon, Syrah and merlot grapes, this effervescent gem is prime for sipping alfresco. Best paired with rich cheeses, cured meats, salads, melon and citrus, this rosé has crisp notes of red fruit and cherry that we consider an homage to summer’s bounty.

Best Effervescent Rosé Wine

6. Firstleaf Shimmer 2021 Grenache Rosé

  • Promising review: “Hands down the absolute best rosé I’ve ever tasted. After one sip, I immediately ran back to the bottle to see what sorcery I had poured—it’s that good. It’s a grenache, so it’s a little drier…but the tropical fruit flavors keep it from being super acidic.” —Nicole Briese, commerce director
  • ABV: 12.2%
  • Region: California

Bright, lively and just bubbly enough, this off-dry rosé is just the ticket for hot days and balmy evenings. Fruit-forward with notes of peach, passion fruit and raspberry, the wine is mildly acidic and very aromatic. Pair it with in-season fruit, crudités or vanilla ice cream.

Best Boxed Rosé Wine

7. Bota Box Dry Rosé

  • Promising review: “It’s dry, which I love. And don’t let the container fool you; it’s better than half the stuff that comes in a bottle at that price point. Plus, it’s easy to bring to a picnic or party.” —Philip Mutz, VP, news and entertainment
  • ABV: 11.5%
  • Region: California

Don’t knock it because it’s in a box: This wine is nothing to sneer at, especially since you can get three liters of it for $10. Refreshing, delicate and crisp, this crowd-pleaser is equipped with notes of raspberries, grapefruit zest and wild strawberries. Take it with you to the beach, campsite or block party—it’s a solid pairing for burgers, grilled chicken and fresh fruit.

Best Canned Rosé Wine

8. Underwood Rosé Bubbles

  • Promising review: “They’re super easy to pack for the beach or stock for a party. Very crisp and refreshing, and bubbles make everything better.” —Katherine Gillen, senior food editor
  • ABV: 11%
  • Region: Oregon

When it comes to crushable vinos that you can sip all day without getting a headache halfway through the cookout, Underwood delivers. Better yet, their wines come in easy-to-transport cans, making them a shoo-in for beach days, road trips and campouts alike. A touch of effervescence brings notes of pink grapefruit, strawberry and watermelon to life. (In case sparkling wine isn’t your thing, try the bubble-less Underwood Rosé on for size.)

Best Rosé Wine Bottle Design

9. Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses

  • Promising review: “They sell it at TJ’s (and elsewhere). The bottle is to die for—the bottom of it is a literal rose!” —Marissa Wu, associate editor, SEO
  • ABV: 13%
  • Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, France

If you’re on the hunt for a more complex rosé, this vintage won’t disappoint. Aromas of summer fruit, redcurrant and cassis complement prominent hints of grapefruit and rose. Its flavor is fresh, balanced and full, finishing on a candy-like note. Serve it as an aperitif or pair it with shellfish.

Most Giftable Rosé Wine

10. Prophecy French Rosé

  • Promising review: “I’m someone who judges a wine by the label—a fatal flaw of mine—but these tarot-inspired labels sold me. Now, I bring a bottle every time I need a host gift.” —Delia Curtis, editorial assistant
  • ABV: 12%
  • Region: France

Zodiac girlies rejoice: You’ll love this brand’s ethereal aesthetic. The rosé’s design of a goddess in delicate pink garments is entitled “The Wheel of Fortune;” her clothing is a nod to the sophisticated notes of strawberry and raspberry that you’ll get in every sip. She is also holding seeds that bloom into flowers, honoring the French vineyards where the grapes come from. Dry and full-bodied, this pick pairs well with pulled pork, salmon, burrata and watermelon. 

Best Rosé Wine for Newbies

11. Domaine de Cala Classic Rosé

  • Promising review: “I’m not a rosé gal at all, but this is the only one I’ll ever drink. It’s really elegant, bright and refreshing in taste without being too aromatic or fruity. I never feel an instant hangover coming on, which just goes to show that this strikes the perfect balance of a fruit-forward blend with a softer, relaxed finish.” —Stephanie Meraz, assistant editor
  • ABV: 12.5%
  • Region: Provence, France

Grenache, cinsault, Rolle and Syrah grapes are the keys to this delicate rosé, which offers citrus and apricot notes at first sniff. It has a luscious, structured mouthfeel, unlike some thinner wines on this list, and boasts notes of red fruit, grapefruit and florals and a mineral finish. It’s an optimal match for sushi, olives or chicken wings.

Most Crowd-Pleasing Rosé Wine

12. Yes Way Rosé

  • Promising review: “If you’re going to a summer cookout or a housewarming party and you’re not so sure of the crowd’s tastes, this vino is a safe bet. It has mild citrus and strawberry notes, and it strikes a balance that’s not too sweet and not too dry that suits a range of palates.” — Candace Davison, VP, editorial
  • ABV: 12.5%
  • Region: France

Buckle up for notes of strawberry, citrus and stone fruit in this grenache-based blend. Elegant, versatile and easy-drinking, you can use it to wash down steak, pasta, pizza, barbecue food, charcuterie, salad—and just about everything in between. If you’re on the go, spring for the canned version.

Best High ABV Rosé Wine

13. 19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Rosé

  • Promising review: “This is the kind of rosé you reach for on a beach day when you’re looking to drink a little more without feeling sick or getting a headache. It’s a sweeter rosé, but incredibly drinkable, so it will suit you well while laying poolside. I’d compare it to fruit juice.” —Nicole Briese, commerce director
  • ABV: 14%
  • Region: California

Crafted from a blend of zinfandel, grenache and pinot noir grapes, this wine is equal parts crisp, delicate and refreshing. Notes of ripe strawberry and rose petals greet your nose, while fruit-forward flavors of raspberry, strawberry and red cherry overtake your palate. A silky mouthfeel, balanced acidity and a touch of sweetness make it the ultimate pairing for salads, bruschetta or seafood.

Best Vegan Rosé Wine

14. Natura Organic Rosé

  • Promising review: “I just very recently learned about lots of wines being finished with gelatin, which I usually avoid. I was happy to find this one that’s light, crisp, made with organic grapes that are sustainably farmed and vegan friendly.” —Natalie LaBarbera, assistant commerce editor
  • ABV: 12.1%
  • Region: Central Valley, Chile

Can’t get enough of summer strawberries? This baby pink sipper is just the match. Balanced, silky on the palate and pleasantly acidic, this Chilean wine is made from Syrah, cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes. Its flavor is intensely fruity with hints of cherry and black currant. Serve it as an aperitif or with sushi, creamy cheeses or heavily spiced mains. 

Best Sugar-Free Rosé Wine

15. Summer Water Rosé

  • Promising review: “This is the wine I reach for when I’m making seafood or when it’s obscenely hot outside. It’s so light and refreshing that it complements fish, scallops and shrimp well, and it’s not so sweet that it bogs you down on a scorching summer’s day.” — Candace Davison, VP, editorial
  • ABV: 12.5%
  • Region: California

This crisp, acidic recommendation brings the sunshine. Pleasant minerality and notes of crushed rock will cleanse your palate in an instant. Citrus-forward and light, this vino has notes of lime zest, pink grapefruit, strawberry and watermelon. Pair it with salad, raw oysters, French fries, battered seafood or fried chicken.

Best Value Rosé Wine

16. [yellow tail] Rosé

  • Promising review: “A good budget-friendly option.” —Destinee Scott, assistant editor
  • ABV: 12%
  • Region: Australia

Ready your palate for notes of musk, white peach, red cherries, strawberry and raspberry, accompanied by the aromas of rose petals and honeydew. Each sip will leave you feeling refreshed, thanks to the wine’s crisp, delicate qualities. Pair this beauty with grilled fish or poultry (it’ll be even tastier if you indulge alfresco).

  • Promising review: “It’s crisp, refreshing and affordable. It’s like Whispering Angel on a budget, largely because it’s made by the creator of W.A. Plus, the bottle gives New Yorker vibes.” —Candace Davison, VP, editorial
  • ABV: 12.5%
  • Region: Provence, France

Whispering Angel is that b**** when it comes to rosé. If you want similar quality for a cheaper price, turn to The Pale, which is crafted by the same wine estate. Modeled after traditional Provence rosés, it’s undeniably fresh and aromatic, complete with subtle fruitiness and notes of peach and pink grapefruit. Elegant and bone dry with a soft, creamy finish, it’ll pair well with poultry, seafood and fresh produce.

Best Rosé Wine for Salads

18. Château Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé

  • Promising review: “Maybe it’s because my expectations were low (it’s the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie brand), but it’s light, crisp and very drinkable. Plus, the bottle is kind of cool looking.” —Alexia Dellner, executive editor
  • ABV: 13%
  • Region: Provence, France

This dry rosé, made from cinsault, grenache, rolle and syrah grapes, possesses the ultimate trifecta for a summer wine: fruity, fresh and floral. Thirst-quenchingly acidic, the aroma of rose dominates its scent, along with a hint of lemon zest and currants. Its mouthfeel is rich and lush, the ideal foil for its natural minerality. Pair it with salads, charcuterie or grilled veggies.

Best Rosé Wine for Barbecue

19. Finca Wölffer Rosé 2021

  • Promising review: “It’s so light and fruity—the perfect summer wine. It’s also a nice blend of sweet and dry, so I feel like it’s a crowd pleaser for different tastes.” —Joel Calfee, assistant editor, entertainment and news
  • ABV: 12%
  • Region: Argentina

If you’re having a coastal grandma-Hamptons chic moment, look no further. Elegant, sophisticated and vibrant, this wine was crafted in the Argentinian countryside from eight different types of grapes. Slightly grassy with notes of baked apples and ripe pears, the flavor is incredibly clean with crisp minerality. Use it to wash down shellfish, poultry or barbecue.

Best Rosé Wine for Dessert

20. Black Girl Magic Rosé

  • Promising review: “I was first intrigued by McBride wines because it’s the largest Black-owned wine company in the U.S. I love this rosé because it has a lot of flavor without feeling heavy and a crisp finish that makes you excited to keep sipping. It’s honestly my go-to summer wine, especially for picnics and pool days.” —Abby Hepworth, editor
  • ABV: 13.5%
  • Region: California

Flavors of stone fruit, rhubarb and citrus make this acidic rosé the ultimate pairing for grilled meats, herbaceous dishes (like pesto pasta), seafood and veggie burgers alike. (You can pair it with fruity or chocolatey desserts, too.) Bright and dry, this sophisticated vintage boasts aromas of raspberry and orange blossom, so it’ll put you in vacation mode at first whiff.

The Best Canned Wines, According to Our Taste Test

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