The 15 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Try This Year, Whether You’re Avoiding Booze or Just Curious

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Gone are the days of watered-down juice and seltzer passed off as a mocktail. Today’s array of booze-free beverages is diverse, surprisingly tasty and growing by the second. Not sure where to start? Here, the best non-alcoholic drinks to try this year whether you’re avoiding alcohol altogether, D.D.-ing or just sober-curious.

What are non-alcoholic drinks, exactly?

Even a few years ago, your options for alcohol-free drinks were pretty slim: maybe a sad mocktail, maybe a boozeless beer. Now, your choices range from non-alcoholic spirits to wine and ready-to-drink canned options. Their common thread? They all have an ABV of zero.

What are they made of?

It depends on the brand and bottle, but many non-alcoholic drinks are flavored with herbal extracts, spices, roots, barks and juices. Others are distilled just like regular booze, but the alcohol content is removed, and some are fermented like kombucha. Some are made with adaptogens and CBD, and they’re designed with other mood-altering effects in mind (like making you feel energized or relaxed instead of tipsy).

So wait, are they just mixers?

Nope, these modern non-alcoholic drinks aren’t just glorified mixers, although you could use them as such if you wanted. Brands are drawing inspiration from existing types of alcohol, like aperitifs, wine and spirits. And depending on the bottle you choose, you can choose to drink them neat, on the rocks or mixed into mocktails.

Before you dive in, a quick heads up: Even though they don’t contain booze, some non-alcoholic drinks come with health disclaimers for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, taking certain medications or with a medical condition. We advise checking the labels if that applies to you.

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15 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Try:

best non alcoholic drinks ghia

1. Ghia Non-alcoholic Aperitif

Inspired by the aperitifs popular in Mediterranean drinking culture, Ghia is a booze-free blend of Riesling white grape juice, citrus, ginger and other botanical extracts (like elderflower, gentian root and lemon balm). According to the brand, these herbs are meant to “soothe the mind” in addition to adding flavor. Says one reviewer: “I have been wanting to lessen my alcohol intake but love wine and Negronis. This is a game-changer,” and others describe it as “bitter,” “complex,” “not too sweet” and “fruity.”

best non alcoholic drinks kin euphorics
Kin Euphorics

2. Kin Euphorics Canned Functional Beverages

A leader in the so-called “functional beverages” category, Kin Euphorics beverages contain uplifting and good-for-you ingredients that won’t make you inebriated. Ingredients include adaptogenic botanicals like rhodiola and reishi mushroom, nootropics that might improve brain function like GABA and tyrosine and plants like passionflower and ginger. The brand’s canned options include Kin Spritz, a gingery citrus concoction for “clarity” and “creative freedom” and Lightwave, a lavender-vanilla tinged “portal to peace.”

best non alcoholic drinks seedlip

3. Seedlip Non-alcoholic Spirits

Seedlip offers three flavors of its distilled non-alcoholic spirit, which is crafted from “natural botanical distillates and extracts” and, as the brand recommends, isn’t meant to be sipped on its own. There’s Garden 108, a grassy, herbal flavor; Spice 94, with hints of allspice and oak; and Grove 42, which features three types of orange and peppercorn. Reviewers call the booze-free spirit “refreshing and unique.” (One thing to know, the alcohol content is described as “0.5 percent or less,” similar to kombucha.)

best non alcoholic drinks athletic brewing co
Athletic Brewing

4. Athletic Brewing Co.

In the booze-free beer category, there’s Athletic Brewing Co. It’s brewed similarly to regular beer—hops and all—but with certain variables (like temperature) adjusted to maintain a near-zero (less than 0.5 percent) ABV. Along with its mainstays like a hazy IPA and a stout-like dark beer, the brand rotates in limited-edition cans too. Says one fan, “This is a nonalcoholic beer that actually tastes like beer! Congratulations!”

best non alcoholic drinks figlia fiore

5. Figlia Fiore

Another non-alcoholic aperitivo, Figlia’s Fiore has notes of rose, bitter orange and clove that aren’t unlike an alcoholic amaro, but from our experience, it’s not as bitter as other boozeless spritz-esque bottles, with lots of ginger and berry notes that are pleasant with a splash of seltzer or in a more complex mocktail.

best non alcoholic drinks amass riverine

6. Amass Riverine

Amass makes a few different normal-proof spirits, but Riverine is its zero-ABV option. It’s distilled with juniper, sumac, sorrel, lemon peel, apple, thyme, mint and parsley, and its herbal, woodsy flavor is not too far from gin. The brand recommends serving it with a splash of tonic or mixing it into a cocktail, and reviewers praise its “botanical flavors” and complexity.

best non alcoholic drinks aplos

7. Aplos

While many non-alcoholic drinks use herbs and spices to mimic the complexities of regular spirits, Aplos contains broad-spectrum hemp extract for a calming effect. It’s citrus-forward with notes of rosemary and ginger, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed into a calming cocktail. From the reviews: “I love the bitter herbal sensation of Aplos. It's remarkably versatile in [alcohol-free] cocktails or simply mixed with sparking water or tonic. Mellow vibes come over me as I sip.”

best non alcoholic drinks lyres

8. Lyre’s

Lyre’s makes a number of non-alcoholic spirits, which are categorized on its website by its boozy analogue. Our favorite (and a best-seller) is Italian Spritz, a bittersweet, orange- and rhubarb-infused beverage similar to Aperol.

non alcoholic drinks curious elixirs
Curious Elixirs

9. Curious Elixirs

This non-alcoholic drink brand offers bottle mocktails inspired by their boozy counterparts, and while they aren’t exact matches per se, they’re tasty in their own right. Take Elixir No. 1 for example: It’s described as a “beautifully bitter booze-free pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni, infused with rhodiola to lift you up,” with a tartness that’s unexpected but nonetheless tasty.

best non alcoholic drinks proteau

10. Proteau

Proteau’s zero-proof drinks are botanical blends straight from a mixologist, so they’re just as nuanced as the regular-proof aperitifs that inspired them. Rivington Spritz is light, tart and fizzy with hibiscus and strawberry notes; Ludlow Red is tannic and tea-like with notes of blackberry and licorice. The brand recommends serving chilled as-is, but they can also go in a mocktail. Fans liken them to red wine and gush over their body and balanced flavor.

best non alcoholic drinks ghia le spritz

11. Ghia Le Spritz

In addition to its bottled aperitif, Ghia offers a canned, ready-to-drink version that’s reminiscent of a spritz. The Ghia Soda is just like the original aperitif, but sparkling; the Ghia Ginger contains ginger beer for extra spice.

best non alcoholic drinks acid league proxies
Acid League

12. Acid League Proxies

Acid’s Leagues Proxies look and drink a lot like wine, but they’re non-alcoholic (below 0.5 percent ABV) and are made from a blend of teas, spices, bitters, grape juice and verjus (an acidic juice made from unripe grapes), plus vinegar, which gives them tannin and texture similar to your typical vino, sans booze. The varietals rotate by the month and come in shipments of three, but all are meant to be paired with food just like wine.

best non alcoholic drinks tost non alcoholic sparkling beverage

13. TÖst Non-alcoholic Sparkling Beverage

Go ahead and cheers with these booze-free sparklers. Inspired by Champagne, TÖST’s tea-based bottles are made with ginger, white tea, elderberry and cranberry for a festive taste without the hangover. Tasters say they’re akin to a “fun and fancy ginger ale” and praise the amount of bubbles in particular.

best non alcoholic drinks ritual zero proof
Ritual Zero Proof

14. Ritual Zero Proof

Have a taste for a traditional cocktail, but not interested in taking on the calories and potential foggy feeling? Behold Ritual, which makes zero-proof gin, rum, whiskey and tequila (which our PureWow100 review describes as "slightly smoky, grassy" with “a peppery burn at the end which will make you feel like you legitimately just took a shot.” They’re not identical to the real thing, though—better when mixed into a drink than sipped straight.

best non alcoholic drinks brooklyn brewery special effects

15. Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Hoppy Amber Non-alcoholic Brew

Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects is a lager-style boozeless beer with notes of citrus and bready sweetness. According to the brand, its hoppy flavor is thanks to a dry-hopping method that’s not common among other non-alcoholic beers, making it taste closer to the real deal.

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