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Ive Never Understood Mocktails, But Im Obsessed With This Figlia Non-Alcoholic Apertivo
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I love a glass of rosé as much as the next girl—that's why I usually ignore the mocktail section on the drink menu. Like, why spend $15+ on something that's basically juice? I might as well grab my go-to White Claw—it's probably fewer calories anyway. But that was before I tried Figlia. More specifically, its Fiore non-alcoholic aperitivo. Sounds a bit Italian, no? (You'd be somewhat right.) The brand's elevated take on non-alcoholic drinks is one I can truly get behind.

What Exactly Is an Aperitivo?

You may have heard your bartender friends talking all about aperitifs this and apertifs that without fully following the convo. The term actually comes from the Italian word 'aperitivo,' which translates as "appetizer,” or a small dish of food or a drink that one consumes before a meal. The drink, which can be made with or without alcohol, is usually fizzy and tart, and it's meant to stimulate saliva production and awaken your palette before grubbing.

What Is Figlia?

Figlia is a non-alcoholic drink blended with filtered water, rose extract, ginger juice and more to enjoy at your leisure without even a possibility of a hangover.

What Does It Taste Like?

Despite being made from all-natural ingredients (it has no added sugars and no preservatives), it has a very distinct taste from the get-go. And by distinct, I mean this thing starts off bitter, but then its rose, orange and clove backgrounds sneak up on you, rounding it out. The first time I drank it, I poured some into a wine glass and dropped a few ice cubes inside. It wasn't really my cup of tea, so I took to the site for recipe inspiration. Now, I usually don't keep ginger beer, grapefruit, cherry syrup and cinnamon sticks on hand (and by usually, I mean never), so I decided to work with what I already had. For me, that meant grapefruit Lacroix, mango juice, lemonade and a bag of lemons.

I mixed 1.5 ounces of Figlia, .5 ounces of lemonade and 2 ounces of a grapefruit Lacroix. And let me just say, the combination was tasty. It was also just refreshing, and I didn't feel buzzed or pressured to go for round two.

Why Do I Love It?

The highlight for me, though, was its sensational vibe. From the second I opened the bottle adorned with a wrapper reading, "Moments you want to remember," I felt like a swanky bartender. Follow that up with having to get creative in the kitchen (something I never do), and drinking Figlia became way more fun than pouring my go-to glass of wine.

Because it's non-alcoholic, I felt myself sipping with intention—a mantra of the company's—with none of my usual thoughts of whether I was getting tipsy or lit (but you're free to drink it however you like—i.e., on its own or as a spritz). I must admit, it was nice to just live in the moment and feel like a kid in the kitchen.

I could also see myself sharing it with friends: After all, it's way more chic and Italian-like to say "who's down for an aperitivo" versus "let's turn up." 

A delightfully refreshing drink that helps me press pause and leaves me feeling great the next day? That's amore! 

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