Your Summer Hasn't Begun Until You've Had a Glass of Avaline Wine (Plus, You Get 20 Percent Off)

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This week my friends and I celebrated the end of a busy month with a glass of Cameron Diaz's $28 fan-favorite Avaline wine (you know, because boozy lemonade just wasn't going to cut it for the occasion). And while it only felt right for us to vent about our lives just a tiny bit, the subject of the toast quickly morphed into a vow to make the most of the remaining summer season and how incredibly smooth the wine is. Needless to say, no matter what you have going on, your summer hasn't officially begun if you haven't had at least one glass of Avaline's Grenache Blanc—a limited-edition light yet refreshing good wine that makes itself known and can be enjoyed by literally anyone (well, anyone over 21).

Oh, and did we mention that you can exclusively knock 20 percent off your first order with coupon code PUREWOW20 through July 31? Here's why you may want to consider grabbing more than one bottle.

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What Is Avaline?

Avaline is a wine company that's not playing games. Like it even spells out its name on every bottle, so you don't pronounce it wrong (say it with me: /ah-vah-leene/). All of this to say, it's incredibly transparent about how the grapes are grown and hand-picked (organic and free from synthetic pesticides, people!) to how the clearest wine label (including calorie, carbohydrate, fat, protein and sugar facts) on the market came to be. P.S. Because its co-founders Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power felt you deserved to know what's actually inside your glass, which other wine companies don't tell you.

So when you drink Avaline, you know what you're getting—top-tier organic wine from sustainable, renowned wineries with no unnecessary concentrates, colors and added sugars. And its selection includes the most popular choices, including Rosé, Chardonnay, Syrah and more, starting at $24 a bottle.

What Does Avaline Grenache Blanc Taste Like?

Light, crisp and refreshing are the three words that immediately come to mind. It's like bottled-up sunshine that isn't too bright or dull with notes of blossoms, lemon and apricot peels. But don't expect it to be sweet just because it's a white wine; it's medium-to-full-bodied with lower acidity than other whites. And it has a taste that lingers, making it an excellent option for the fancy Chardonnay, Roussanne, Marsanne, Viogner, Chenin Blanc and Semillon drinkers.

You'll get five servings per bottle and 13 percent alcohol by volume. Plus, it's 117 calories per glass.

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The Verdict

Over the past few months, my friends and I have been sipping all kinds of summer cocktails, from frozen Aperol spritz to sangrita, but we felt this much-needed occasion called for a healthy glass of wine (yes, we're considerable pourers). And I'll just say we were not disappointed with our selection, which we enjoyed with a simple charcuterie board (but it goes with basically any food). Just make sure you have a bottle opener on hand!

As for the taste, the three of us were surprised by how it managed to be both crisp and smooth, which worked for a group split between Rosé and Chardonnay lovers. That's why I feel good about saying this option is great for friends with different palettes. Each of us was satisfied and went for a second glass. We even got the "fresh and bright" taste reference on the label, which uncomplicatedly told us everything we needed to know about what was in the wine. These were all things we appreciated because we weren't left with any questions, only a push to officiate our summer with some good olé wine.

So trust me when I say we'll be grabbing a few more bottles while they're 20 percent off with coupon code PUREWOW20. Just be sure to do so by July 31.

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