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It’s hard to think of one person who wouldn’t want social media updates about your newborn. After all, you’re completely kvelling over those cheeks. And those big eyes. And how cute it is when Birdie spits up her food, or how many times she burped today, or the consistency of her…You know what? There do happen to be a few things we don’t need to see in our feeds. 

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Anything to Do with Poop
Yes, your child’s input and output now dominate your every thought. But all 1,002 Facebook friends don’t need to be privy to whether today it was brown or green.

15 Blurry Instagrams in a Row
We’re guilty of going all “momstagram” from time to time. But you might want to try to limit yourself to one or two choice shots per week...or risk getting unfollowed by everyone but your mother-in-law.


Every Single Milestone
We have a special place in our heart for those monthly photo shoots that first year (1 month! 6 months! 1 year!). But 27 months? Maybe just put those pics in your scrapbooks.

Holier-Than-Thou Rants About Screen Time/Sleep Training/Breastfeeding
The world of parenting is a contentious place. Best not to make enemies with your boss's sister.


Links to Your As-Yet-Unfulfilled BabRegistry
You didn’t get the OXO high chair. Move on.

Links to Fear-Mongering Articles About Child Abduction
Or, God forbid, about child abduction via clowns.

Links to Anything in Support of the Anti-Vaccination Movement
Because… science.


Anything That Will Totally Humiliate Your Child Later in Life
That video where he’s grabbing his genitals and screaming about waffles? Maybe keep that off the interwebs.

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