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Girl, we know... (photo by Daniel Bulli)

Whatever delusional misogynist first said ?Ladies don?t sweat, they glow? has clearly never waited for the 6 train at 9:45 on a July morning. We?re a straight-up hot mess, y?all. But you?re not in this alone. Here is some seemingly obvious, yet totally necessary, advice on not murdering people.

Remember: cool neck, cool body This is not the time to think you?re above a ponytail. We swear by soft hair ties like Mane Message--crease problem solved.

Go easy on the makeup Concealer and a swipe of mascara are fine, but save the full face for the office. Plan on arriving five minutes earlier than normal, beeline to the ladies? room, blot down with some shine-control sheets and finish your foundation, powder and eyes there. And while you?re at it, run some cold water on your wrists, spray an Evian mist and basically pull yourself together, woman.

Keep a fan and a hankie on you at all times Why have you not bought a collapsible paper fan yet? They?re $1 at Pearl River. And a darling Liberty of London cotton square is a far cry above that Starbucks napkin.

Distract yourself from the heat Make a killer playlist or download a podcast that is the exact time frame of your commute. (We love Radiolab Shorts.) Magically, you?re too entertained to realize that inner-elbow drip?sorta.

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