Is the Color Wow Dream Coat Worth It? We Tested TikTok’s Viral Anti-Frizz Treatment (Psst: It’s on Sale Now!)

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  • Value: 20/20
  • Anti-Frizz: 19/20
  • Texture: 18/20
  • Shine: 17/20
  • Longevity: 19/20

TOTAL: 93/100

With the holiday season comes the good—eggnog, gifts, backyard fire pit hangouts—and the bad: dry, frizzy hair. I’m talking unruly, puffy, Monica Geller-in-Barbados. Sure, there are keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts (which can run upwards of $350), but these treatments can last months—and in my experience, leave your hair feeling finer and thinner in the long run.

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All of that’s to say, a good anti-frizz product you can apply as needed is all the more necessary during the cold and dry months, which can take a toll on your locks. And while most products tout "zero flyaways" and "silky smooth finishes," I’ve rarely found a frizz-fighting spray that actually delivers on its promises. But then I came across the viral Color Wow Dream Coat ($28; $22) while scrolling through TikTok. Not only has the spray racked up more than *136 million* views on the platform, but it's also used by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton on his A-list clients, including Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Sold, I thought to myself, and the next day, I grabbed a bottle to test it out.

The results? Well, I'll get to that, but first, you should know it's currently up for grabs for as low as $22 at the Sephora Savings Event. That's 20 percent off, people—but only for Rouge members at the moment. These are Sephora Insider members who have spent $1,000 or more at the retailer this year, but if that's not you, don't fret—you'll still have a chance to snag it at a discount starting on Oct. 31.

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If you aren't already a Sephora Insider member, you should sign up now for *free* to secure automatic Insider status, because you can get deals on almost everything on site. But if you're mainly interested in the coveted Color Wow Dream Coat, read on for my honest opinion after giving it a go.

What Is the Color Wow Dream Coat?

First and foremost, you may be wondering: Why is this product so popular? It’s a two-prong answer. On one hand, you have its first-of-its-kind, waterproof formula: “This superlight spray uses groundbreaking polymer technology to clamp down cuticles, compress, tighten and seal every single strand. Your hair literally becomes impermeable to humidity,” explains Dr. Joe Cincotta, the scientist behind the Dream Coat. The real magic of the spray, however, is that you can barely feel it on your hair, despite the fact that its effects last up to three to four washes. It’s also worth noting that it's a heat protectant, too, so you can use the Dream Coat (and only the Dream Coat) when you’re styling—a major bonus for anyone who colors their hair and puts a lot of heat on it (guilty).

Why Is it So Popular?

Aside from its unprecedented frizz-fighting technology, the spray also delivers a "glass hair" effect that’s become synonymous with the Kardashian’s glossy, slick-as-glass strands. “Prepping with Dream Coat is essentially the equivalent of wearing a raincoat on your hair. It seals out moisture with a water-proof barrier so the style won’t come undone with frizz," Appleton shared in an interview. "Not only do you get long-lasting protection against frizz-inducing humidity, but a silky-smooth finish with blinding shine,” he added.

And FYI, the product's celebrity fandom extends beyond the Kardashian clan—everyone from J.Lo to Paris Hilton to Winnie Harlow swears by the stuff.

The Results

Per the directions, I shampooed, conditioned and towel-dried my hair before dividing it into sections. While you’re then supposed to “spray liberally and evenly on damp (not wet) hair,” before you blow dry, I decided to give a few sprays as I went section by section. At first, I gave the bottom section one to three spritzes on each side and blow-dried. Had to admit: I wasn’t seeing much of that promised gloss. The flyaways were definitely less noticeable, but it didn’t leave my hair looking (or feeling) particularly "glassy."

So, for the next hair section, I decided to up the ante. For each section after that, I sprayed about five pumps from root to tip on each side before blow-drying. Immediately, I noticed a smoother texture and shine with almost *zero* frizz. Plus, not only did my hair feel like the embodiment of a silk scarf, but it also helped with reducing the poofiness my 'do was facing. The anti-humidity technology was a game changer compared to other products I’ve tried.

That said, my favorite part was the lightweight formula. I absolutely detest when my hair is left looking greasy—and despite how much product I used—my locks were left looking clean and feeling light as a feather. What’s more, when I woke up the next morning, my hair still looked like it was fresh after washing (and it stayed frizz-free, all second-day long).

Final Verdict

All in all, I’d say this is definitely worth the money. I’ve tried numerous anti-frizz products—some of them running upwards of $80—and none of them have produced effects close to the Dream Coat. However, you shouldn't expect it to instantly give you that Kardashian "glass hair." While my hair definitely felt smoother, it wasn’t as glossy as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, my main focus was to find a way to tame my frizz this holiday season, and this guy passed the test with flying colors. Why not try it for yourself while it's available for a steal?

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