8 Nail Trends That Are Sure to Blossom This Spring

Bring on the big bow energy

spring nail trends 2024 universal: a triptych of three different nail designs

Ready to usher in the new season with a fresh manicure? We are—and this year, we foresee many eye-catching hues and fun designs taking over our tips. (For our mani minimalists out there, not to worry: We've got some more subdued options for you to check out as well.) Ahead, eight spring nail trends to use as inspo for your next mani.

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1. Big Bow Energy

Coquette vibes are still going strong this spring, and if you're feeling hesitant about breaking out an ultra-puffy sleeve or XL hairbow, perhaps you can add some adornments on your nails. Think: bows, hearts, sparkles and all shades of pink.

2. Jelly Art

We love the 3D effect of these jelly designs that are created using a type of hard builder gel. (Note: This type of gel is very thick and tricky to manipulate, so we advise leaving it to the pros.) As you can see, the clear gel overlays add a mesmerizing fishbowl effect to any design, which is even cooler in real life.

3. Velvet Nails 2.0

Velvet or cat-eye nails are right up there with glazed donut nails for being some of the most popular (and most enduring) manicure trends over the last few years. We get it though. The multi-dimensional texture is beautiful on all nail lengths and looks good in all polish shades. This spring, we're predicting more playful takes on the trend with some mixing-and-matching that goes beyond the standard, single-color velvet nails.

4. Square Tips

Speaking of enduring trends, given how popular Y2K aesthetics have been recently, it's not surprising that squared off tips are poised to take over this spring. Better yet, pair them with a tonal French mani to really lean into the times.

5. Metallic Ripples

If you prefer a more modernized version of the square tips above, we'd suggest going for a slightly elongated length and a multi-dimensional metallic French instead. (Bonus: The negative space base means a less obvious grow out.)

6. Mini Metallics

For an even more minimalist approach to metallics, opt for tiny slivers (and artfully-placed blobs) of silver along your tips.

7. See-Through Plaid

We love this unexpected take on a classically spring pattern (and palette, for that matter). The Easter egg hues and plaid could easily look tacky, but the extended clear tips keep them fresh.

8. Colorful Doodles

Remember all of the doodling you did in the third grade? Use that art to inspire your next mani. Every scribble and scrawl is welcome here.

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