Well, This Is a Bang Trend We Didn’t See Coming Back

As a millennial who grew up during the early 2000s, it’s a strange sensation to be out in the wild and see someone who’s in college (or maybe even high school) wearing an outfit that you wore 20 years prior. From the baggy jeans to the crop top and mini purse and flatform shoes, this baby-faced passerby looked as though she had shopped her entire spring wardrobe from a dELiA*s catalogue. Completing her look were two long strands that I guess you could call “bangs” framing her face. A quick scroll through Instagram and it seems that the two strand bangs are back. Just like the Backstreet Boys and butterfly clips before them. Care to take a trip down memory lane together?

The Biggest Beauty Trend That Will Absolutely Rule 2022

1. Bangs + Spiky Bun

Celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko recently styled Dixie D’Amelio in a look that was so aggressively Y2K that we briefly thought we were looking at a photo from our eighth-grade dance. Two strands in the face and a spiky bun? Hey, Google, play K-Ci & JoJo “All My Life.”

2. Bangs + High Pony

Here’s Sunisa Lee looking like the gold medal Olympian she is in that neon green suit and high pony, bang combo.

3. Bangs + Braids

We appreciate the braided accents in Mrs. Bieber’s iteration of the trend because they blend in seamlessly with her soft waves. We’re definitely saving this one for our next beach day.

4. Bangs + Beaded Charms

Why settle for just a few braided bangs when you can don a head full of them? Add some space buns and colorful charms while you’re at it.

5. Bangs + Sleek Pony

And lest you think the look can’t be dressed up for more formal events, here’s Dove Cameron looking like a modern day Posh Spice with her face-framing strands and sleek LBD.

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