Cat-Eye Manicures Are Trending (and They're Not What You Think)

You might think that cat-eye nail art would mimic our favorite classic eyeliner look. Or that it’s an intricately drawn kitty glaring out from your nails. But it’s actually much chicer than either of those things: This manicure is a new technique that leaves your nails looking mysterious and mystical, just like a cat’s eyes. 

The super-glossy topcoat appears to change as you wiggle your fingers, giving movement to the dramatic slash glimmering down the middle of your nail—much like your furry friend’s pupils. But you can’t get the look with just any old polish. The special effect requires a particular formula strewn with specks of metallic glitter and a magnet. No, seriously.

Here’s where the fun comes in. Once you’ve applied the topcoat over your nail color, you hold the small magnet that came with your polish to move all those metallic specks to one general location, thus creating the style’s signature slash.

You can form a straight line down the center and stay true to the design’s name, or try applying the magnet at an angle for a more celestial feel. Either way, we bet your new mani will look pawsitively purrfect. (Sorry, not sorry.)

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