10 Nail Trends for Fall, According to Celebrity Manicurists

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We’re welcoming fall with open arms and a spankin’ new manicure. Whether we’re adding fresh fall shades to our polish collection or decking our nails out in holiday designs, the forecast is predicting fun and exciting trends to try this season. So, to bring some inspo into your next nail appointment, we tapped four experts to give us the top nail trends for fall.

The Top 21 Trending Nail Colors for Fall

Meet the Experts:

1. Foils Fun

If you think foil is just for the winter holidays (i.e. Christmas and New Year’s), then you are surely mistaken. This classic design is going to be big for fall. “Foils are a must for those who love fun nail art. You can apply florals, animal prints, glitter—anything,” says Glass. Whether you’re rocking a gel mani or an acrylic set, foils are a great way to add dimension to your coat and make it customizable to fit your aesthetic. Once you pick your foil, apply a layer of adhesive polish to hold your design and a nail art brush to smooth the application so you can rock it all season long.

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2. Plum Galore

There are a bunch of staple shades, but we’re predicting this one will be the color of fall. “Plum colors are going to be huge this year. It’s a trend that screams sophistication,” says Lippmann. “It’s also a gorgeous color that is perfect for various occasions.” Try a regular ‘ol mani or add some nail art flair like the inspo above. Lippman also recommends adding the shade over a neutral color for a bold statement this fall.

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3. Tortoise Shell Jelly Nails

“​​Anything ‘90s is back with a bang and jelly nails are simply sparking joy. The translucent, glass-like nail trend is also easy to create and it’s a great base for nail art,” says Rojas. “​​Fall variations of the jelly nails will include fun tortoiseshell designs and animal prints.” This design continues to be the talk of the town (and we’re not the least bit mad about it). Just show your manicurist Kendall Jenner’s look above or try your hand at DIYing at home with a helpful video.

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4. Geometric Neutrals

Color blocking is a great way to add a subtle design and multiple hues to your nails. “This design was hot in this summer and it's continuing into the fall season. But this time we've paired it with neutral shades for an easy to wear, earthy vibe,” says Russell. To recreate the look, Russell suggests nail art brushes, especially a thin detail one, to precisely fill and outline the geometric shapes on the tips.

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5. Shades of Fall

It’s time to put your color dilemma to rest for the next few months. “When I’m having trouble picking what color I want a fun way is trying a bunch of colors because why stick to just one?!” says Glass. Go wild on two (or more) autumn shades on each nail. Glass even recommends a monochromatic look by applying one distinct shade starting with the lightest on your thumb to darkest on your pinky.

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6. Chocolate Brown

“I think every fall we see the transition to darker colors. Many people like making the transition starting with the sort of more grey shades and gradually finding our way darker,” explains Lippmann. One shade making the rounds this season? Chocolate brown. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Lily James and Hailey Bieber are indulging in their sweet tooth with a glossy brown hue on their nails.

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7. Baby French Manicure

We love a French manicure, but the classic style is getting a ‘younger’ finish this season. “The ‘Baby French manicure’ is your typical French mani but with a thinner accent line on the tip of the nail,” explains Rojas. “It gives the French a more subtle and modern look. It also looks great for those with short nails because of its proportions.” Rojas suggests skipping the traditional white polish for other popular design trends like chrome, glitter or simple darker hues.

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8. Pumpkin Spice Mania

A fall staple is pumpkin spice everything and the shades are a great addition to our nail inspo for autumn. “This manicure totally encompasses fall with beautiful shades of orange, a warm neutral base and copper glitter,” expresses Russell. “Just have fun and get creative with different autumn shades.”

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9. Glam Rock

We’ve seen ‘Rockstar Makeup’ and jellyfish haircuts make waves on the internet, so it’s only right our manicure gets the edgy treatment too. “Glam rock will be a hit this fall. It’s the style that just keeps on giving,” says Lippmann. “It feels almost like those clubby, attention-grabbing vibes right down to the tips of your fingers.” Think: warmer tones, shimmers and embellishments to live your inner rocker. Simply put: This trend is all about being big, bold and dimensional.

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10. Half Moon Nails

“Half-moon nails will be big this fall. It’s a simplistic, modern design that looks clean and chic,” says Rojas. She also points out that “It’s a go-to design for people who are traveling for two or more weeks at a time as the bottom half of the nail (known as the fingernail moon) is left bare and can grow out a bit without it being too noticeable to the naked eye.” To achieve the look, use tape or nail art templates to get a crisp shape between your color shade and the bare base.

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OK, we’re ready to fall into a new manicure now.