Quiet Luxury Is the Shiv Roy-Approved Fashion Trend. Here’s How to Wear It

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Actress Sarah Snook playing Shiv Roy in Succession on HBO
David Russell/HBO

Since the series premiere in 2018, Succession has riveted fans with its depiction of infighting among a media baron and his family. Aside from topping entertainment news (13 Emmy Awards) and inspiring IRL business world speculation (is it true a Rupert Murdoch insider is sharing deets about Fox News to the writer’s room?), this show has introduced a new concept to mass culture fashion: quiet luxury. Defined as how the really rich choose their clothing, it’s a 180-degree style turn away from logo-drenched conspicuous consumption so often observed in fashion magazines and celebrity style.

“These brands are Bruno Cucinelli, Akris and Loro Piano,” says long-time luxury clothing buyer and TikTokker Ivanka Dekoning. “Let’s be honest, they’re not that eye-catching, and some of you fashonistas may not know these brands, because their marketing is not that extravagant, and celebrities don’t wear them on the red carpet.” The resulting low-key affect is the point, with quality construction and fine fabrics (fine cotton, silk, wool and linen) being the selling points rather than flashy embellishments or (heaven forbid!) revealing design.

In Succession, power sibling Shiv Roy’s modest sundresses, power suits, wide-leg pants and understated classic accessories are a master class in quiet luxury. Here’s how to get the look, even if you’re more likely to take a train than a private jet. Just remember, leave the “ludicrously capacious bag” at home.

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Shiv Roy Style - Shiv Roy sits in a sweetheart neckline sundress on a couch outside speaking to her mother.
Graeme Hunter/HBO

1. Sweetheart-Neck Sundress

Shiv Roy’s just-casual-enough sundress for her mother’s wedding in the Italian countryside is just-bare-enough, just-colorful-enough and just-roomy-enough for her to settle in for a wrenching heart-to-heart with her mom. Note: though quiet luxury isn’t ostentatious, it is still after all fashion, and here Shiv shows that she (or let’s be real, her personal shopper) knows to cherry-pick jewel tones that will flatter her pale skin, blue eyes and red hair.

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Dress the Population
Shiv Roy Style Dress the Population Nicole Dress
Norma Kamali x Revolve
Shiv Roy Style Norma Kamali x Revolve Tara Dress
Shiv Roy Style - A photo of Shiv Roy taken through the doors or a dark building. She stands outside in a courtyard talking on the phone.
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2. Lightweight Matching Suits

When the series began, Shiv worked as a political operative for a progressive candidate, so frowsy was part of her brand. Now that vying for power in the male-dominated world of her father’s businesses and conservative politics, she’s become more buttoned up. She opts for suits that signal professionalism, but with a soupçon of sleekness. Here, she rocks a matching grey suit and nondescript blouse as work wear.

Shiv Roy Style - Shiv Roy talks on a phone in front of a pool. She wears soft professional clothing.
Claudette Barius/HBO

3. Soft Separates

Suiting doesn’t have to mean you look like you’re about to walk into a bank. Soft suiting—oversized blazers, wide-legged trousers, a neutral bodysuit—is a way to look casual enough for the resort, yet still appropriate when hopping on a PJ to do a deal last-minute.

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Shiv Roy Style Reformation Classic Relaxed Blazer
Shiv Roy Style Reformation Kyle Pant
Shiv Roy Style - Shiv Roy sits at a table in a dress across from a man in a shirt. She wears a sun hat and sunglasses.
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4. Stealth Wealth Accessories

Old money doesn’t want to draw too much attention to itself, preferring to signal its presence with understated good taste and subtle touches of ornament, if at all. So, when Shiv is rocking a sundress to her mother’s wedding weekend in the country, she’s sporting tiny drop earrings and a tasteful watch, a simple straw hat and a nondescript midi-length halter sundress. Like all quiet luxurians, she knows it’s better to fit in than to stand out.

Shiv Roy Style - Shiv Roy sits on a sofa in an elegant evening gown next to a man who she's speaking with.
Macall B. Polay/HBO

5. Dramatic Eveningwear

The “don’t notice me” quiet luxury rule is bent when it comes to evening clothes: A stunningly beautiful column dress or skirt set is the mark of an experienced jet-setter, what with global parties, fundraisers and other public events requiring posing for photographers who will publish photos honoring the family’s accomplishments. To that end, Shiv wears rich velvet and satin evening gowns with poise and grace—even if inside she’s a bundle of conflicting emotions and schemes.

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