After the tumultuous year that was 2020, we are cautiously optimistic that things will slowly get better from here. In the meantime, we are finding moments of grounding and, quite frankly, some much needed levity through small, everyday rituals like painting our nails.

Continuing on last fall's trending shades (think: earthy greens and calming blues), we'll see that theme extend into this year. One notable exception? A cheery marigold to ease the transition between those last few weeks of summer and early fall, before the weather starts to turn.

And with that, how about we take this time to clear off our coffee tables, put on some relaxing music, and get to painting together?

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1. Cool Sage

“It's a green-gray shade that fits all skin tones,” says Brittney Boyce, the consulting nail artist for Orly. It’s also a surprisingly versatile neutral that won’t clash with...any of the athleisure we’re wearing for the foreseeable future. Extra points for the flat brush that fans out to lay down smooth, even color with nary a streak.

Buy it ($10)

2. Camel Cream

For a clean pop of color that looks especially good as your summer tan begins to fade, look no further than a camel cream. This one, from Gucci's newest collection, is a must-try because of its high-coverage formula.

Buy it ($30)

3. Deep Blue

A streak of navy on our fingertips reminds us of brisk, fall nights. This one reads more blue than black when painted on and is richly pigmented. The 10-free formula is gentle on nails and dries down quickly.

Buy it ($11)

4. Dusty Rose

This rosy hue encapsulates that magical golden hour, when the skies turn pink and the world goes quiet. It has a similarly reassuring effect when you wear it on your fingertips.

Buy it ($10)

5. Rich Terracotta

Apple spice, pumpkin spice, bring on all of the spice! This tawny terracotta is peak fall with its caramel and red undertones. The gel-like shine adds to its richness.

Buy it ($10)

6. Cloudy Grey

Just as cool as black, but not nearly as severe, a misty grey polish is a solid alternative if you’re looking for a neutral that isn’t beige. This opaque crème from Olive & June covers your nails like a dream.

Buy it ($8)

7. Earthy Ombre

Instagram’s favorite tonal manicure is still going strong. Update your color palette for fall with this rosy quartet that’s pre-selected to deliver a complementary gradient without any of the guesswork of choosing which hues to pair together.

Buy it ($36)

8. Sunny Marigold

At first glance, a bold yellow mani might seem unusual this time of year, but that’s sort of its charm; it’s like a leaf that’s starting to turn at the edges. Marigold is the fall color that only you (and a few other trendsetters) will be wearing.

Buy it ($9)

9. Shimmery Violet

For something a touch more whimsical, but just as romantic, we’d suggest a pale lavender. This one is flecked with iridescent shimmer for extra magic.

Buy it ($20)

10. Deep Plum

If you love a purple, this deep, dark plum is so rich it borders on black in certain lighting (much like an eggplant in its prime). We like wearing this shade in the late autumn months and into the winter.

Buy it ($11)

11. Muted Mauve

Finally, we found a purple polish that’s not too purple or pale and pastel-toned. Plus, the opacity of this formula is so rich that a single coat is all you need if you’re pressed for time (or patience).

Buy it ($11)

12. Peachy Nude

For an update to your go-to nude polish, we’d recommend “JO,” a sandy apricot that offers the perfect bridge between the end of summer and early fall. The creamy formula has a satisfying color payoff and shine.

Buy it ($8)

13. Burnt Orange

We don't know about you, but there is something about this deep orange hue makes us feel warm and cozy just looking at it.

Buy it ($7)

14. Deep Burgundy

What’s fall without a good red? This rich burgundy is deeply soothing (not unlike the feeling we get after a glass of Cabernet).

Buy it ($18)

15. Denim Blue

Blue-grey polish is such a mood. Inspired by “the mysteriously pretty tones of a fall thunderstorm,” this stormy shade is also deeply calming. Plus, the paddle-shaped brush and short handle make precise polish placement a breeze.

Buy it ($22)

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