21 Hair Colors to Rock This Fall—from “Expensive Blonde” to “Cinnamon Toast”

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Fall is right around the corner and if you’re looking to switch things up for the season, why not try a new hair color? We asked stylists from Los Angeles to London to share their predictions for the top hair colors that will be everywhere come September, so you can get ahead of the trends.

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1. Rose Gold

With Barbiecore rising, it’s no surprise that “Rose Gold” strands are making a comeback. It’s a pretty low-maintenance look (especially if you have pre-lightened hair since you can achieve the shade using a rose gold toner). “Rose gold allows for many variations and is easy to remove when you decide you're over it,” adds O’ Connor.

Expert Recommendation: Good Dye Young Du Hast in Rose Gold ($18); Good Dye Young DYEposit in Pink ($19)

2. Amber Brown

“Amber Brown” is popular because it represents fall colors and keeps your hair healthy in the dryer, colder months,” explains Courtney. Celebs like Taraji P. Henson, Issa Rae and SZA have been sporting the trendy hue recently, so you know it’s all over our Pinterest boards. To try the look yourself, ask your hairstylist for a warm brown color with gold and red undertones.

Expert Recommendation: Clairol Professional Soy4Plex LiquiColor Permanent Hair Color in Flame ($9)

3. Expensive Blonde

“Expensive Brunette” was all the rage this spring, but now “Expensive Blonde” is having a moment. “After summer, we need to tone down and richen up over-processed blondes,” explains Dorram. “Blondes deal with overexposure to the elements (sun, sea and wind) and over-shampooing, since people tend to be more active during the summer months.” To combat this, Dorram suggests asking for a mix of highlights and lowlights for added dimension, while using a clarifying shampoo once a week to keep things vibrant between appointments.

Expert Recommendation: Virtue Labs Refresh Purifying Shampoo ($30)

4. Authentic Auburn

“The rich, deeper hues really stand out as the weather gets cooler,” says Swinney. To create the ideal auburn, your stylist should focus on creating deep, light reflecting tones in your strands. To maintain said shine, Swinney recommends adding a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to your routine.

Expert Recommendation: RUSK PUREMIX Fresh Pomegranate Color Protecting Shampoo ($18), RUSK PUREMIX Fresh Pomegranate Color Protecting Conditioner ($18)

5. Expensive Copper

Yup, there’s another “expensive” shade to add to the mix. “Expensive blonde and brunette have been trending for a while, but with this year's focus on all shades of copper, it’s time redheads got the ‘expensive’ treatment, too,” explains Brownsell. A touch of auburn adds shine and depth to violet and brownish red tones, giving strands a rich dimension.

Expert Recommendation: Bleach London Proper Copper Super Cool Colour ($12), Bleach London I Saw Red Super Cool Colour ($12)

6. Midnight Brunette

“High-shine, dimensional color and a soft, natural grow out make this shade a winner for fall,” says Kim. “For brunettes, working with their natural colors by adding subtle lowlights is more budget-friendly than those dark to blonde transformations, which are super-high maintenance.” Once you spruce up your brunette locks, add a leave-in conditioning spray to keep them glossy.

Expert Recommendation: L’Oreal Paris Professionnel Serie Expert Vitamino Color 10 in 1 Multipurpose Spray ($27)

7. Fall Ombré

There’s always room to upgrade a classic. “The most modern iteration of ombré is less of a dip-dyed look and more strategic pops of lighter colors that graduate from deeper roots,” explains Papanikolas. He also adds that a stylist shouldn’t go overboard with highlighting, so you can really “preserve enough negative space to give contrast between the lighter and darker tones.”

Expert Recommendation: Matrix So Silver All-In-One Toning Leave-In Spray ($24)

8. Teddy Brown

“Teddy Brown is a softer brown with neutral to gold tones. It’s a great option for anyone wanting to stay in the brunette family or for someone who wants to go brown,” says Bodt. Bottom line: If you’re looking to make a subtle change, this trendy shade adds dimension and warmth to your hair without being too much.

Expert Recommendation: Matrix Total Results Brass Off All-in-One Toning Leave-In Spray ($24)

9. Beige Blonde

“Beige Blonde is a subtle way to bring life back to overly blonde summer tresses. It gives a soft illumination to your strands that signals a seasonal shift,” says Stenson. To maintain your color (and avoid brassiness), Stenson suggests using a sulfate-free strengthening shampoo in-between appointments.

Expert Recommendation: Matrix Total Results Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Shampoo ($22)

10. Natural Silver

Celebs like Jane Fonda, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jamie Lee Curtis have fully embraced their silver locks, and we’re so here for it. “Women want to take back their power, and this includes breaking the stigma of grey hairs,” shares Cleveland. She recommends adding a purple shampoo to your regular wash routine to boost shine, strengthen locks and reduce brassiness.

Expert Recommendation: Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Purple Shampoo ($30)

11. Oat Golden Brown

“Oat Milk Blonde” saw a surge in popularity this summer, and now “Oat Golden Brown” is replacing the brighter hue for autumn. “This shade is perfect for the fall because it has a great blend of light and dark tones that help you transition between seasons,” explains Courtney.

Expert Recommendation: Fekkai Baby Blonde Shampoo ($24)

12. Cinnamon Toast

“The warmth of this shade tends to complement many skin tones, which makes it an easy choice for anyone,” says O’Connor. The sweet name comes from the warm chocolate gold tones it leaves behind. “Cinnamon Toast” hair is especially flattering for natural brunettes because it offers dimension and richness.

Expert Recommendation: Good Dye Young DYEposit in Chocolate ($19)

13. Expensive Bronde

“Expensive Bronde creates a healthier, more lustrous hair color. One of the simplest and fastest ways to freshen your look for fall is to tone down blonde hair to bronde,” says Dorram. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Hailey Bieber have already made the switch. On that note, Dorram recommends having a reference pic ready to show your stylist. “There are a few degrees of bronde, so a picture can ensure you and your colorist are in agreement,” she adds.

Expert Recommendation: Shu Uemura Color Lustre Sulfate-Free Shampoo ($49)

14. Grown Out Ribbons

“Many of us still want lightness and impact going into fall, and this trend allows for both by incorporating thicker, bolder pieces accompanied by a hefty root,” says Bodt. See Adele, Barbie Ferreira and Rocky Barnes rocking their bold highlights with a darker root for further proof that the two blend together nicely.

Expert Recommendation: Matrix Total Results Brass Off Conditioner ($20)

15. Honey Wheat

Platinum took the wheel this summer, but we expect things will head in a darker direction for fall. “Honey Wheat is a warmer take on platinum, so you can switch things up, while making your blonde more seasonally appropriate,” explains O’Connor. To get Sydney Sweeney’s look above, you’ll want to ask your stylist for a champagne (or a warmer platinum) shade to bring out the warm honey tones.

Expert Recommendation: Good Dye Young DYEposit in Champagne ($19)

16. Expensive Brunette

While other “expensive” hues are gaining momentum, this one still remains a favorite. “Expensive Brunette is an alluring and sexy color that creates a certain mystique for anyone looking for a change,” says Dorram. “It immediately gives your hair luster and shine, which makes it look healthier. It’s also a great way to soften the look of darker tones, so the overall look isn’t too severe,” she adds.

Expert Recommendation: Philip B Forever Shine Shampoo ($32)

17. Rich Red

Yup, the color of 2021 is still going strong. “This color embodies the essence of fall,” says Dorram. Since its a bold shade, she suggests investing in a conditioner that protects against heat and alcohol-based products, which are both known for stripping away color.

Expert Recommendation: Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask ($32)

18. Acid Tones

“Most often, people go for face-framing streaks, but I really love creating secret slices of color underneath the top layers of hair. Bleached bits are a great way to experiment with color for the first time or try a bold, bright shade without committing to a full head of bleach and dye,” says Brownsell.

Expert Recommendation: Bleach London Total Bleach Kit ($13)

19. Glossy Black

For some, heavily highlighted looks are being replaced by classic, single-tone shades like black and brown. Darker hues tend to reflect light better as is, but you can bump up the glossiness with a shine serum or spray. "After two years of messy, casual quarantine-chic hair, women want to dress up again with a glossy one dimensional color," adds Cleveland.

Expert Recommendation: Color Wow Color Security Shampoo ($24)

20. Baby Blonde

Brighten up your sunny shade with some honey tones blended throughout. "This shade gives a sunny warmth to your strands for an instant serotonin boost," says Karob. Get the look by adding in ultra-fine baby highlights in golden tones. "You want the overall effect to appear super natural, like the sun did it," she adds. Again, to keep the color from turning brassy, swap in a purple shampoo every few washes.

Expert Recommendation: Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo ($44)

21. Copper Highlights

If you're not ready to commit to a full head of red, highlights are the way to go. "We are going to see even more auburn colors this fall," shares Korab. "People will start toning down their blonde or balayage pieces to more red tones like caramel brown to match the mood of the season." To maintain luster, Korab suggests using a weekly hair mask.

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