From playing with super vibrant eye makeup to matching our face masks to our outfits, 2020 seems to be all about finding joy in small ways, every single day. Perhaps that explains why we’ve noticed more and more people are experimenting with their hair color than ever before. We tapped Kirsten Stuke, a colorist at Sally Hershberger NoMad for some colorful inspiration just in time for the colder months ahead. Here, 16 winter hair colors to reenergize your strands and kickstart your personal style—even if you’re still wearing sweatpants.

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1. Rainbow Brights

“Given the strict quarantine lifestyle, many people are looking to embrace a bold change. They’re choosing bright colors and something that’s entirely different from their ordinary hair look,” says Stuke. Not to mention, an eye-catching hue (like this electric blue) pops on Zoom.

2. Thick Highlights

I'm also seeing an uptick in requests for thick, face-framing highlights, which are a great way to make a statement without having to fully commit,” shares Stuke.

3. Spiced Swirl

“On the other end of the color spectrum, I’m finding that some clients are requesting natural-looking, low maintenance color that will last through the winter,” explains Stuke. One option to consider: a beautifully blended auburn. It’s basically a pumpkin spice latte, for your locks.

4. Pintura Highlights

Like balayage, pintura (which translates to “paint”) allows your stylist to freehand the placement of color. This is especially flattering on curly hair, as you can target individual ringlets and really make them pop.

5. Chocolate Truffle

For brunettes, opt for a few ribbons in a shade that’s no more than one to two tones lighter than your natural color, to make your strands appear even glossier.

6. Cinnamon Blonde

This is similar to the spiced swirl above, but with thicker highlights around the face to brighten up the overall color (not to mention, your complexion).

7. Dusty Cinnamon

Or you can take things a notch deeper, like Lucy Hale did here, and embrace an all-over coppery red. (Tip: Keep a color-depositing gloss or conditioner on hand, as this color tends to fade quickly.)

8. Shadowed Roots

Wherein grown-out roots, which were once considered a faux pas, are fully embraced as a way to add dimension to your hair. Okay, and a smart tactic for buying time between appointments.

9. Mushroom brown

Think: Soft, earthy browns that are neither too cool nor too warm.

10. Chestnut Brown

Winter pallor starting to set in? Have your colorist add warm highlights through the mid-lengths and ends, to brighten things up a bit.

11. Shiny Black Hair

For our raven-haired ladies (and gentlemen) out there, we’ve got a temporary option to consider: a shine spray. Lightly mist dry ends and watch them glimmer in the sun (or, you know, your ring light).

12. Dark Leather

Like the patina of your favorite purse, this look features ample shine and a subtle variation of color throughout. The key is to keep the brighter tones around the perimeter, so it really catches light.

13 Grey Blending

Rather than go against the grey, why not go with it? Just make sure to have the ends lightened and toned, so everything blends together seamlessly.

14. Grey Money Piece

You can also turn your greys into a statement or “money piece,” which is arguably the biggest hair color trend to emerge from 2020.

15. Artsy Watercolor

Fancy rocking blue roots and pink ends…on one side only? This is your time to try out all the color combos you’ve been dreaming about.

16. Jewel-Tones

Not into pastels but still want to experiment with color? Go for it, being sure to pair rich hues together, like royal blue and emerald green.

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