‘90s Kids: Prepare to be Obsessed with The Cherry Cola Lip Trend That’s All Over TikTok Right Now

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Cherry Cola Lips Trend - A group of celebrities, all wearing 90s style clothing and red/brown ombre lipstick are placed in front of a cherry red background with a cherry motif and lipstick prints on it. The celebrities featured are Gwen Stefani, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow.
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We all know and love Barbie, right? She’s been the talk of the town as of late. But what about her spunkier, sassier counterpart: the Bratz doll? They were girls with a “passion for fashion,” but they also rocked the boldest lipstick of all the toy aisles. Borrowing inspiration from the pouty lips of the Bratz dolls, there’s one beauty trend that’s been raking in the views on TikTok lately and it’s the Cherry Cola Lip. 

We Tried This ’90s Cult-Favorite Lipstick That’s Selling Out (Again)

Meet the Expert

Mel Trierweiler is a pro makeup artist at Makeup Revolution. Brazilian-born and London-based, Trierweiler has been a freelance makeup artist for nearly 14 years and has held many roles at major companies like Smashbox Cosmetics, Glamglow, The Organic Pharmacy, Nubian Skin and more. 

Hailing straight from the ‘90s and having been seen on the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary J. Blige, Brittany Murphy, Gwen Stefani and many more back in the day, the Cherry Cola Lip is identifiable by its distinct look, which features brown lip liner with red lipstick as a base and sometimes leaving a tiny bit of natural lip exposed, creating a cherry cola palette on your pout. Now in 2023, the Cherry Cola Lip is re-emerging, but this time around, it’s bolder, juicier and way more delicious. 

‘’In line with its name, the cherry cola lip combo uses a deep brown lip liner on the outer edges of the lips, before going in with red lipsticks and glosses for a blended effect that’s reminiscent of the 90s beauty trend. The result is defined lips that are blushing with ‘cola’ and ‘cherry’ shades,’’ Trierweiler explained.

How Do You Create The Cherry Cola Lip?

When creating this look, Trierweiler recommends starting with your liner to create the perfect shape. You’ll want to use a brown lip liner that’s a few shades darker than your natural lip color. Remember: we’re going for bold here. 

“Apply this around the contour of your lips and gently blend it down towards the middle of the lips with your fingers. This will create an ombré effect rather than having one harsh line. My top tip here is to use a longwear lip liner because darker lip liners can be messy and smudged lines are difficult to hide,” said Trierweiler.

Once your liner is in place, go in with a red-toned lipstick for the base. Currently, true reds and blue-toned reds have been popping off online, but any red will suffice. Trierweiler adds, “You can skip the lipstick and go straight for with a juicy red gloss such as the Revolve Baby Gloss in shade Babe.” 

But, if you find yourself reaching for your favorite red lipstick, “finish the look off with a clear or red-tinted lip oil. This tones down the color and gives your pout a sheer finish that mimics cherries.’’

We know that what goes around comes around, so it’s not surprising that the Cherry Cola Lip is back again. “Though this lip trend has been around for decades, it’s now been discovered by TikTok and a new generation of beauty fans who are loving the dark-yet-natural colors over bright hues,” Trierweiler explained.

As we head into the autumn and winter months, we predict the trend will stick around but the colors will change slightly. We will likely see darker shades of liners and deeper red lipstick hues. We could also see people experimenting with matte variations of the look.

Trierweiler continues, “I also love how people are using the trend to channel ‘Lana Del Rey vibes.’ It’s a sultry and nostalgic trend that is easy to recreate and can be flattering on all skin tones and adjusted to suit the seasons,” (as is evidenced by the fact that we’ve been seeing it on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber  recently).

Mel’s Extra Tips to Nailing “The Cherry Cola Lip” Trend

  • Overline your lips

“If you want to add more dimension to your cherry cola pout, one of my favorite tricks is to slightly overline the lips, concentrating the product on the Cupid's bow and the middle of the lower lip. This will result in even more of a plump and juicy finish.’’

  • Vary your pressure when blending

“My other top tip is to really focus on blending this lip liner down into the center of the lip to avoid ending up with any harsh lines. As you apply the lip liner, feather the line inward and gradually decrease the pressure on the pencil. This will result in a naturally fading line. Then use your finger to gently blend the liner further. The natural warmth of your finger makes blending the product easier and will help diffuse the color.’’ 

  • Set the edges with powder or spray

“With the darker, pigmented shades used in the cherry cola lip trend, any smudges will be more visible. Mitigate this by using a small amount of translucent setting powder or a makeup setting spray around the outer edges of your lips. This will lock in the color and prevent any transfer.’’ 

  • Transition the colors for fall and winter

As the weather turns, people naturally veer toward darker hues. Swap out your brighter reds and browns for deeper chocolate tones and burgundies. Just make sure there’s a definitive contrast between the shades of your liner and lipstick or gloss, as that’s a key element of the trend.

What Other Makeup Do You Wear With a Cherry Cola Lip?

The nature of this look is bold and show-stopping, so toning down other parts of your face will really make your lips pop. Think: fresh skin, subtle blush, neutral eyeshadows and the like. If you really want to wear more color with your cola lips, Trierweiler recommends smudging a soft eyeliner pencil along your lash line in a warm brown tone with a full-volume mascara for what she dubs as a “coquette inspired makeup look.”

Below you’ll find our top recommendations for getting the Cherry Cola Lip.

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