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As a native New Yorker, I roll my eyes at the superficial gifts geared toward us. The ‘I Love New York’ T-shirts and yellow cab decor doesn't exactly ring in holiday cheer. See, we are notoriously hard to shop for because A) we have unreasonably high standards and B) we have zero space for superfluous stuff. And while cash sounds like the perfect gift for New Yorkers (seriously, have you seen the price for a monthly metro card??!), it's always the presents that were given a little bit more thought that we cherish the most. So whether you're shopping for your sister who has lived in one of the five boroughs her whole life or a coworker who has just moved to the city, we found 24 gifts for New Yorkers that won't garner an unimpressed look by the recipient.

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1. Homesick New York City Candle

Best Housewarming Gift

Whether they're making the big move to NYC or haven't live there in years, one whiff of this scented candle will be the perfect housewarming gift to keep the bustling city alive in any setting. This chic, hand-poured number boasts 60 to 80 hours of burn time and contains notes of “spring days in Central Park, fine department stores and concrete.” (And this is one time we’re thankful they didn’t go too realistic with the scent.)

Buy it ($34)


2. New York Yankees Pro Standard Varsity Jacket

Best for Sports Fanatics

Win or lose, no one is as passionate about sports teams as New Yorkers. The NY Yankees (or Mets) hat is a staple in the city, but let's face it, your sports fanatic friend probably already has a whole collection. So, surprise them with their very own bomber jacket for those chilly days in the city. They'll definitely be rocking it with pride at the next home game.

Buy It ($198; $158)


3. Seamless Gift Card

Best for *the* Takeout Friend

You know what? Forget everything else on the list. This is the perfect gift.

Buy it (from $10)

Saks Fifth Avenue

4. Brandon Blackwood Arlen Mesh Top Handle Bag

Best for Trendsetters

You can't walk the streets, attend brunches or scroll through IG, without seeing a statement bag in tow. Small handbags are in, and any that show off a colorful statement like this Brandon Blackwood item, is a must-have for the trendsetter in your life. Its all-mesh construction will have people doing a double look. Bonus: You’ll be supporting a New York-based fashion brand.

Buy It ($185)


5. Chelsea Market Cookbook: 100 Recipes from New York's Premier Indoor Food Hall

Best for the Home Chef

Forget takeout or heading out for dinner (especially when the weather is not in your favor). Instead, gift mom with a cookbook inspired by one of New York's iconic food halls. If you've ever walked through Chelsea Market, you know there are a bunch of eateries to try out—from seafood to dessert. This cookbook has 100 (yes, 100) recipes for her to whip up, so she doesn't have to make the trip. From Sarabeth's famous tomato soup to Buddakan's glazed pork belly, family dinners just got a whole lot better.

$23 at Amazon

Bruce Glikas/Contributor/Getty Images

6. A Broadway Ticket

Best for the Whole Family

Broadway is back, baby! Almost a year and half ago, all the theaters had to close their doors. Now, slowly but surely, our favorite Broadway shows are returning. Surprise the whole family with tickets to a musical, play or off-Broadway performance. (And maybe you'll find luck snagging seats to Hamilton, Moulin Rouge! The Musical or Wicked.) Just keep in mind of the COVID protocols put in place for the show of your choice.

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Saks Fifth Avenue

7. Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Touch Tech Cashmere Gloves

Best for Heavy Texters

NY winters can be brutal. Big sis will thank you later when you buy these touch tech cashmere gloves for her. This pair (from the Saks Fifth Avenue Collection) are both warm and functional: Pure cashmere and the ability to text without freezing your fingertips off? Sounds like a win-win to us.


8. New York City Print Poster

Best for Decor Aficionados

We always have to display at least one art piece inspired by our city. Now, the regular old scenic pic of the Empire State Building or the Brooklyn Bridge is fine, but for a poster that is guaranteed to become a conversation starter in your bestie's apartment, opt for something a little more original. This Etsy find is an ode to the five boroughs with notable symbols like the Met, the Staten Island Ferry and yes, the caution sign to warn you about rats. All their guests will spend hours trying to point out the popular ones and spark a night filled with reminiscing the craziest NYC stories.

Buy It ($20)

The Sill

9. Plant Parent Set

Best for Plant Parents

You know at least one person who’s turned their apartment into a makeshift greenhouse, so why not give them what they want? Support their green thumb with a set entirely dedicated to plant parents. You can choose between three to seven houseplants (depending how many green friends they really need). Regardless, they can expect a variety of sizes and types of low-maintenance plants in their box. Plus, they all include their own nursery pot to get your gifter started.

Buy it ($58)


10. BX Writers Anthology Vol. 1

Best for Book Lovers

If your partner is always nose deep into a great read on the subway, they'll love immersing themselves in this collection of poems written by local writers. The 334-page book features various NYC poets detailing their experiences of living in New York City, especially the Bronx. As the anthology author states, "We write from the fire, flames, and fumes we inherited from the Bronx, that instead of destroying us, built and raised us."

$30 at Amazon


11. Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Best for Lunch Break Nappers

We all know “the city that never sleeps” is a myth. Give your favorite in-need-of-a-nap Gothamite some new bedding from the cult-fave local brand. The Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, one duvet cover and four pillowcases. The 480 thread count will have her snuggling into her sheets and forgetting about all the noise outside of her window.

Buy It ($240; $216)


12. Uber Gift Card

Best for Late Travelers

Look, a subway ride is way cheaper than a cab ride. But if the trains are delayed (again) and baby bro is running late, give him a back up option he'll definitely appreciate. An Uber gift card can assure that he'll get to his destination quicker. (Now, when it comes to New York traffic, we can't help you on that front.)

From $25 at Amazon

New York Times Store

13. Mini Crossword Books with Pencil Set

Best for Word Gamers

You always catch dad completing the crossword in The Times, so it only makes sense to occupy his morning activity with two New York Times mini crossword books (that each holds 150 puzzles to last him until the next holiday). The set also comes with a crossword-inspired canvas bag and seven pencils (marked with each day of the week) so he'll always be prepared to tackle the clues of the day.

Buy it ($40; $30)

Milk Bar

14. The Milk Bar Sampler

Best for the Sweet Tooth

New York has the best pizza, bagels and you guessed it, dessert. Milk Bar is one of many sweet spots we enjoy grabbing a cookie (or two) in the city. Satisfy their sweet tooth with a sampler featuring the dessert company's top sellers. The pack includes 3-pack birthday truffles, 3-pack chocolate truffles, a milk bar pie slice and six assorted cookies. We can't promise they'll share with you, but it'll definitely put a smile on their face.

Buy It ($54)

The Adventure Challenge

15. The Adventures Challenge Couples Edition

Best for Couples

Date nights just got an upgrade, so no more wasting time on what to do. This adventure book is giving you 50 ways to make even more memories with your significant other. How? Scratch off a challenge and reveal fun activities like recreating your grandparents' first date, bake an apple pie blindfolded or make a memory box together. The book also encourages you to take a picture and write down a few sentences to mark the memory, so that you can look back on it for years to come.

Buy It ($45; $40)

gifts for new yorkers coffee
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16. Coffee Giftcard

Best for Coffee Drinkers

While we'll roll our eyes when out of towners ask us to pronounce "coffee," we can't deny how much we love the stuff. A nice gift card to their favorite coffee shop (that's right around the corner of their apartment) will make commuting any where easier to manage. A few of our favorites include Culture Espresso, Kinship Coffee and Sweetleaf.


17. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Best for Roommates

Because it turns out that WFH with a roommate/partner/cat is damn near impossible. A wireless Bluetooth-enabled pair should do the trick. These noise-cancelling headphones have a dual-microphone system so that you have clear sound coming in and minimal interference from the outside world. Plus, it has Alexa built-in, so you can ask for access to your music and/or info with a touch of a button.

$229 at Amazon

Uncommon Goods

18. Marathon Map Hydration Bottle

Best for Runners

Remind the friend that loves to run by the Hudson and prepare for their local 5K to stay hydrated with this stainless steel bottle. It has a leak-proof screw-on cap and a striking design of the famous NYC Marathon. While they're squeezing in some training time, this bottle will keep drinks cold for 24 hours. Bonus: It also keeps hot drinks warm for up to 12.

Buy it ($36)


19. Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifer

Best for Pet Owners

We love our city but she’s not exactly squeaky-clean. Enter this high-tech air purifier. You can take our word for it, or you can read through the more than 15,000 positive reviews. Either way, this clever device is highly praised for its quiet air technology, which means it can run all night without interrupting anyone’s sleep. It’s also super effective at filtering out pet dander for those with allergies.

$90 at Amazon

whitney museum nyc
Alphotographic/Getty Images

20. Museum Membership

Best for Art Buffs

Your friends have spent the last 18 months watching way too much Netflix and these important institutions need our help now more than ever. Help your friends reacquaint themselves with the cultural world with a membership to the Whitney, the New Museum, MoMA, the Brooklyn Museum, the Met, the Museum of the Moving Image…you get the idea.

Uncommon Goods

21. Local Hot Sauce

Best for Risk Takers

Got a friend who puts hot sauce on everything and doesn't fear anything that's spicy? Well, keep their pantry (or bag) stocked with a bottle from this homegrown brand, available in two varieties: the green Herbal Alchemy (punched up with cilantro, parsley and turmeric) or the red Sweet Heat (subtly tropical with mango and pineapple).

Buy it ($14)

Gold Belly

22. An Iconic NYC Foodie Care Package

Best for Foodies

Ship a quintessential NYC treat to loved ones to show them that you’re thinking of them. Whether it’s cookies from Levain Bakery, pastrami from Katz Deli, or even a whole brunch box set from Russ & Daughters, they'll definitely have their bellies full of great goodies.

Buy Now


23. Late Night Tote

Best for Commuters

FYI, tote bags are essential for a New Yorker. You never know when you’ll pop into the supermarket after work, bump into a farmer's market or need somewhere to store your extra pair of shoes in case it rains.. Plus, with the new bag mandate you always want to be prepared. And the words written on the bag (aka "Late Nights & Bodegas & Drunk Texts) screams the city life.

Buy It ($45)


24. Diner Cup

Best for Native New Yorkers

If you were born and raised in NYC, you'll feel a wave of nostalgia for this coffee cup. While it's become a symbol of the past, you can cherish it forever. Now any cup of coffee you drink can be the world’s best cup of coffee. You're welcome.

Buy it ($14)

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