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We can all agree that dads are impossible to shop for. Golf clubs? He bought a set for himself. Tie? He’s got 47 of them. So, whether you’re helping the little ones shop for Daddy’s Christmas gift or picking out the perfect present for your own old man, getting him something that won’t end up in the garage is a real challenge. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the 58 best gifts for dads this holiday season, all guaranteed to stay in the rotation.

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Blue Bottle

1. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

For the coffee addict

Thanks to Blue Bottle, there will be no more frantic morning runs to the grocery store when he realizes he’s out of dark roast. Simply select the three-month or six-month option, and an ever-changing selection of the specialty coffee roaster’s whole beans will arrive on his doorstep every other week. If he’s particular, opt for the ‘create your own’ subscription which allows you to select the type of coffee, delivery frequency and number of shipments.

Buy It (From $24)


2. Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler

For the dad who’s always prepared

“We got my dad one of these because he’s notorious for packing coolers for car trips—even if they’re only an hour long,” explains food editor Katherine Gillen. It’s just big enough to hold some drinks and a few sandwiches without being a pain to lug around. Reviewers say it’s amazing for everything from camping trips to keeping beer chilled during tailgates.

Buy It ($200)


3. Hotronic Heated Insole Foot Warmers

For the avid skier

Your dad loves tearing down the slopes and hitting the moguls...until he can’t feel his toes anymore. But thanks to these battery-powered foot warmers, that’s all about to change. All he has to do is place the insoles in his ski boots, attach the battery pack to the back and he’s good to go. They have four different heat levels that’ll keep his feet nice and toasty even on subzero days.

$179 at Amazon

Best Buy

4. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

For the music lover

These headphones are so good, PureWow dubbed them the best splurge-worthy pair on Amazon. With industry-leading digital noise cancellation technology, they can totally block out all background noise. The coolest part? You can control the volume, skip songs or take calls all with touch-activated technology. Oh, and did we mention that they have a 30-hour battery life?

Buy It ($250)

Home Depot

5. PowerSmart 18 Inch Electric Snow Blower

For the dad who hates shoveling

A snowblower is one of those things he says he’s going to buy, but never gets around to actually purchasing. Help him out by putting this one under the tree (or in the garage) for him. It can clear snow drifts up to eight inches deep in a single pass, and the adjustable chute will allow him to throw snow in any direction he wants. Here’s hoping he likes it so much, he offers to come over and do your driveway, too.

Buy It ($119)


6. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag

For the road trip lover

Your father is always game for a last-minute drive to see the grandkids. There’s just one problem: He insists on stuffing all of his clothes in mom’s suitcase since he doesn’t own a proper weekend bag. Get him this durable duffel pack with a hidden compartment for his shoes and you’ll never have to listen to her complain about his packing habits again.

Buy It ($90)


7. Shutterfly Custom Photo Book

For the sentimental guy

“My dad loves these Shutterfly books. I put one together every year with photos from our family vacations and he’s obsessed,” says director of social strategy Aly Owens. All it takes is 15 minutes of clicking and dragging family photos (but he doesn’t have to know that).

Buy It (From $20)


8. Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

For the avid handyman

The Signal is a combination of 19 of his favorite tools all in one. From a fire-starting ferro rod and a box wrench to hard-wire cutters, he’ll never be caught unprepared again. “I keep it on me while I’m at work, I’m a maintenance guy, and find I use the pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, hammer and bit driver the most. [It saves me] time taking a trip down to the shop where all our tools are kept,” reports one reviewer.

$120 at Amazon


9. Airbnb Gift Card

For the world traveler

Welp, you can’t exactly book Pops that Euro-trip he’s been talking about for the past few years, given current events. Instead, surprise him with an Airbnb gift card that he can use when the time comes. Maybe he’ll put some of it towards a weekend road trip getaway if he’s really itching to travel. Select your custom amount and Amazon will send the gift card right to his inbox. We’re guessing it’ll be the best email he’s received in a while.

From $25 at Amazon


10. Winc Wine Subscription

For the aspiring sommelier

He’s always looking to sample new wines, and now he can do so from the comfort of his own kitchen. Have him take the six-question palate profile quiz, and the experts at Winc will recommend four wines they think he’ll like. He can order the entire list of recommendations or make swaps and additions as he’d like. Every month, he’ll get hand-picked wines delivered straight to his door—make sure to plan your trips to visit accordingly.

Buy It (from $13/Bottle)


11. ‘Dreyer’s English’

For the bibliophile

It’s not that your father is a know-it-all…it’s just that he’s always right. For any bibliophile, grammarian or just plain rules enthusiast, Dreyer’s English is a delightful romp through clarity and style, all told with humor and authority by the Random House copy chief. (Bonus: It’ll give Dad a chance to weigh in on the proper use of semicolons.)

$15 at Amazon


12. BigArtFamily Custom Pet Portrait

For the dog lover

It’s no secret that Spot is his favorite “child” so you might as well embrace it. Send in a photo of your pet and this Etsy seller will create a hand-painted watercolor portrait that Dad will want to frame immediately.

Buy It (From $41)


13. Birchbox Grooming Box

For the well-groomed guy

Contrary to popular belief, Birchbox isn’t just for women. This men’s grooming box features a monthly assortment of high-end shaving, skin and hair products for him to sample. Now maybe he’ll stop secretly using your mom’s face wash.

Buy It ($10/Month)


14. Ooni Koda 16 Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven

For the wannabe pizza chef

“My dad has been wanting an outdoor pizza oven forever,” says editorial director of branded content Angela Cuneo. And now that we think about it, so has ours. This gas-powered portable oven will bring his dream to life—without being a total eyesore in the backyard. You might want to get him a new parka while you’re at it, cause we’re pretty confident he’ll want to try this new toy out immediately (regardless of the temp outside). Just note that preorders for this Ooni oven are set to ship out in early November, so you don’t want to wait too long to place your order.

Buy It ($499)

Best Buy

15. Apple Watch Series 6

For the techie

He’s been eyeing the latest Apple Watch ever since it launched in mid-September, but would never spring for one for himself. That’s where you come in. Gift him the newest version which boasts an always-on retina display, sleep tracking and advanced workout metrics.

Buy It ($399)


16. Echelon EX3 Spin Bike

For the cyclist

When there’s snow on the ground, he’s probably not going on his usual 20-mile bike ride. But thanks to this indoor spin bike, he can still enjoy the familiar feeling of his feet pushing the pedals. With a $39/month membership, he’ll get unlimited access to Echelon’s library of live and on-demand guided rides to keep him in shape for the spring.

Buy It ($1,040)

National Park Service

17. Annual State Park Admission Pass

For the outdoorsy dad

Some states, like New York, offer unlimited annual passes to all of their state parks. Yup, that is, indeed, every hiker’s dream. Check whether this option is available in your state here or get him an annual pass to the national parks if he’s willing to travel. Bundle it with some new hiking boots and he’ll be one happy camper (pun very much intended).

Buy It (From $80)


18. Lululemon Pace Breaker Short

For the fitness enthusiast

If he’s going to insist on wearing shorts to work out this winter, at least you can ensure that they’re not those ratty old basketball shorts he’s had since college. This lightweight, sweat-wicking style from Lululemon is designed to be a “multi-sport short,” meaning he can wear them for any kind of workout—which is what he was probably going to do anyway. “These are the best fitting shorts I own,” brags one reviewer.

Buy It (68)


19. PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Charger

For the germaphobe

He’s getting really tired of wiping down his phone every time he comes back from the grocery store...but he can’t bear the idea that it could be harboring germs. With this UV sanitizer and charger, he can clean his phone as often as he wants without the hassle. All he has to do is stick his phone inside, turn it on and wait 10 minutes for it to work its magic. The PhoneSoap 3 kills 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria, a fact which will totally bring him peace of mind.

$80 at Amazon


20. Ugg Ascot Slipper

For the dad who’s always in his PJs

He loves a good lazy Sunday and now that he’s working from home, he barely makes an effort to change out of his PJs. So, you might as well have the kids get him a quality pair of slippers. Ugg’s shearling-lined suede loafers features a durable rubber sole just in case he wants to wear them outside to grab the paper—but we suggest making it clear that he’s not allowed to wear these in public.

Buy It ($110)


21. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer

For the foodie

We don’t even want to think about how much money he’s spent on bacon, egg and cheeses over the years. Now, he can make them right at home whenever a craving hits. This brilliant (but affordable) machine has a built-in timer that tells him when it’s ready, which is usually in five minutes or less. Plus, the removable parts can go right in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

$25 at Amazon

Home Depot

22. Magic Chef Stainless Steel Mini Fridge

For the dad with his own personal man cave

He’s been known to descend into the basement with a couple of beers in hand (and one tucked under each arm), just so he doesn’t have to hike back up and risk missing an important play. Now, he can reach into this best-selling mini fridge for another without even taking his eyes off of the game. Its 4.4 cubic feet of storage offers more than enough room to store his Bud Lights—and a few snacks, too.

Buy It ($189)

Road Runner Sports

23. Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Sneakers

For the running enthusiast

Whether he’s training for his fifth marathon or just likes to jog with his running club, he’ll appreciate these sneakers. One of Brooks’ newest pairs, the Hyperion Elite 2 are made from an ultra-lightweight material and are constructed to propel you forward so you get the most out of every step (and run faster). Oh, and the entire Brooks Beasts professional team runs in them, so you know they’re good.

Buy It ($250)


24. The Ridge Metal Aluminum Cash Strap

For the minimalist

He’s not one to accumulate stuff, which means he refuses to carry around a big, bulky wallet. Convince him to toss the rubber band that’s holding his cash together with this sleek alternative. The slim metal card case can hold up to 12 cards and has an external elastic strap to hold cash or his keys.

Buy It ($75)


25. Ninja Air Fryer

For the guy who loves anything fried

Whether we’re talking classic fries, fried chicken or even fried Oreos, your father is all over it. And with his very own air fryer, the possibilities are endless. He’ll have a blast whipping up (and promptly eating) everything from air-fried bacon to potato chips.

$100 at Amazon


26. Roku Streambar Streaming Media Player

For the dad who takes his TV time very seriously

Roku’s newest streaming device (which doesn’t officially ship until October 15, BTW) boasts a fast, easy-to-use interface, Dolby Audio sound quality and a razor sharp image display. Plus, he can connect it to his Amazon Echo or Google home and surf the channels using just his voice, in case he happens to lose the remote again.

$130 at Amazon

Our Place

27. Our Place Always Pan

For the home chef

Since March, he’s been using all his extra time to try out new recipes and it’s time he acquired the right equipment to properly execute them. The Always Pan is designed to replace eight pieces of cookware so that he can braise, saute, steam, sear, fry, boil, strain and serve food all from this one useful item. Don’t be surprised if he displays it on the stove even when it’s not in use—it looks fancy too.

Buy It ($145)


28. Champ-Chest

For the diehard sports fan

Surprise him with a monthly subscription box of gear from his favorite NFL team (think beer koozies, t-shirts, throw blankets and hats) to add to his collection. We wouldn’t be surprised if he puts some of it on immediately.

Buy It ($80/Month)


29. TheDadLab: 50 Awesome Science Projects for Parents and Kids

For the science nerd

TheDadLab YouTube channel became such a hit, creator Sergei Urban put some of his most popular experiments into an easy-to-follow guidebook. The step-by-step instructions will guide him through everything from how to produce electricity to how to defy gravity with a ping pong ball so he can mesmerize the kids (or grandkids).

$12 at Amazon


30. Ginger Fox Placing the Past History Themed Card Game

For the history buff

Now’s your chance to really test him on his love of historic facts. Placing the Past is a game of time and risk that requires players to place their hand of historical events in the correct order to earn points. Honestly, it’s not our idea of fun but he’ll be all over it.

$19 at Amazon


31. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

For the dad who needs a new computer

If he’s still using the same Dell laptop you bought him in 2010, it’s time for an upgrade. And according to one PureWow editor, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is even better than an Macbook Air—and it’s way cheaper. Some of her favorite features? It boots up in seconds, it’s super lightweight and it can convert into a tablet with a full touchscreen.

Buy It (From $999)


32. Shaker & Spoon Subscription

For the self-proclaimed mixologist

He’s always on the hunt for new cocktail recipes to try out, so getting him a monthly Shaker & Spoon subscription just makes sense. Each box comes with three original cocktail recipes, plus enough ingredients to make four of each drink. The only thing he needs to buy? The liquor to add to each of them. Get ready for family happy hours, coming soon to a living room near you.

Buy It (From $40/Month)


33. GiftsPDQ Personalized Cutting Board with Handwritten Recipe

For the nostalgic guy

Director of audience development Mary D’Alessio gave her dad one of these cutting boards engraved with his mom’s recipe for chicken paprikash—in her handwriting. He was so moved he cried, so we’d definitely call this gift a winner. Choose between Maple and Walnut wood, select your size and send the seller a photo of your recipe. He’ll take care of the rest.

Buy It (From $44)

Urban Outfitters

34. ‘The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes’

For the funny guy

This collection of dad jokes from around the world is guaranteed to have him laughing out loud. Fingers crossed he doesn’t memorize too many of them, though.

Buy It ($14)


35. Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager

For the dad with a bad back

As crazy as this thing looks, senior editor of branded content Cristina Gutierrez says it works wonders when it comes to kneading out knots and tense muscles. The knobs are designed to simulate a massage therapist’s thumbs and elbows so he can massage his back just like they would—without having to shell out over $100 each time. Is it weird that we kind of want one too now?

$30 at Amazon


36. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

For the “observant” dad

He’s always keeping track of who’s coming and going via the kitchen window, but thanks to Ring’s HD video, he’ll be able to monitor who’s at the front door from his smartphone. Yup, that means he can check up on the house even when he’s not home (aka his dream come true).

$250 at Amazon

Menlo Club

37. Menlo Club Subscription Box

For the dapper dad

Have him fill out the quick style quiz and Menlo Club will send him two or three curated pieces of clothing and accessories from the brand’s in-house men’s labels each month. His already-stylish wardrobe is about to get even trendier.

Buy It (From $60/Month)

Home Depot

38. Dyson V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

For the clean freak

Got a real-life Danny Tanner on your hands? Gift him this ultra-powerful vacuum that sucks up dirt and debris from hardwoods and carpet with ease. The cordless design offers 60 minutes of continuous use, so he can hit those hard-to-reach areas behind the couch and on the stairs if he’s feeling ambitious.

Buy It ($499)


39. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

For the dad whose coffee is always getting cold

If he can’t seem to finish his morning cup of joe without a few trips to the microwave, this gift is about to blow his mind. The newly-released Ember Smart Mug 2 allows him to control the exact temperature he wants to keep his drink at via an app on his phone. And as long as he keeps it sitting on the included charging coaster, it can maintain that temperature all day. You might want to get Mom one for her tea too, or there might be a few fights over it.

$100 at Amazon


40. CouchCoaster

For the couch potato

As the name implies, this weighted drink holder wraps over the arm of your couch for convenient access. Buyers note that it’s stable and can withstand a slight knock (just in case he happens to elbow it by mistake).

$25 at Amazon


41. Nintendo Switch

For the gamer

Now that this mega popular gaming console is back in stock, you can finally get him one just in time for the holidays. Pair it with a few games, and he’ll be permanently glued to the TV until at least New Years. The two controllers are removable for multiplayer games, if he wants to let the kids get in on the fun too.

Buy It ($299)


42. Everlane the ReNew Long Parka

For the guy who needs a new winter coat

This sustainably-made jacket is so popular, it’s currently backordered until mid November. But as long as you order soon, that should leave you enough time to get it wrapped and mailed. Featuring a relaxed fit, fleece-lined handwarmer pockets and Everlane’s signature recycled PrimaLoft insulation, we can see why it’s so popular.

Buy It ($198)


43. ‘The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Testing’

For the stock market enthusiast

Um, this book has amassed almost 9,000 five-star reviews, so we’d say it’s worth a read for anybody interested in investing. First published in 1949, author Benjamin Graham’s wisdom still holds true, and it’s been updated by financial journalist Jason Zweig to speak to today’s market.

$14 at Amazon

Outdoor Voices

44. Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants

For the guy who lives in sweats

This one’s for all the dads who proudly wear tattered or stained sweats. Outdoor Voices’s signature CloudKnit material is super soft, so he won’t object to tossing his old sweatpants. Plus, the jogger design makes them slightly more acceptable to wear in public, which you know he inevitably will.

Buy It ($88)

Home Depot

45. Tile Pro Black with Replaceable Battery (2-Pack)

For the forgetful dad

He’s always losing his keys and wallet, and the whole ‘leave them by the front door’ rule just hasn’t worked out. Enter: the Tile Pro. Stick one on his key ring and one on his wallet and the app will tell him where they are the next time they go missing.

Buy It ($59)


46. Adobo Hot Pepper Plant

For the plant lover

Even if he already has a monstera, philodendron and fiddle leaf fig to dote on, we can pretty much guarantee he doesn’t have an adobo hot pepper plant yet. Bloomscape will help you change that. Once it arrives, the plant should be placed in bright light and watered whenever the top layer of soil begins to feel dry. As long as it's getting proper care, Pops should see peppers start to grow in just a few weeks. Prepare to eat lots of chili, hot sauce and salsa in the coming months.

Buy It ($35)


47. Manta Sleep Blackout Eye Mask

For the dad who loves to nap

Most days, you’ll catch him heading to the couch for a 3 pm snooze. But a lot of times he ends up with a pillow shoved over his eyes so he can actually fall asleep. This blackout eye mask will make the process a lot simpler. Once he adjusts the eye cups and band to his liking, he’ll be out in a few minutes flat. New dads, especially, will find this mask useful.

$30 at Amazon


48. ‘The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History’

For the environmentalist

If he’s interested in how humans have altered life on Earth, The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert is a must-read. Reviewers say she approaches the topics of extinction and global warming in a way that feels accessible and easy to comprehend. No wonder the book won a Pulitzer Prize.

Buy It (From $17)


49. Red Barrel Studio Lift Assist Reclining Chair

For the guy who likes to recline

There’s a reason people are always joking about dads loving recliners—most of them actually do. If yours doesn’t have one yet, you can’t go wrong getting him this ergonomically-designed faux leather chair. Between its thick foam padding and massage and heat features, he’ll never want to get up. Sorry in advance, Mom!

Buy It ($400; $310)


50. Knock Knock ‘What I Love About Grandpa’ Fill in the Love Journal

For Grandpa

Each page contains prompts like ‘If I had to describe you in one word, it’d be’ and blank spaces to glue pictures, making for a touching book that he’ll flip through over and over. Have the kids fill it out in their own handwriting for an extra sweet touch.

$12 at Amazon


51. Aberfeldy 16 Year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

For the whiskey drinker

Aberfeldy is beloved by seasoned whiskey drinkers and newbies alike, thanks to its rich flavor. This particular variation has been aged for 16 years in handmade oak casks, making for a satisfying, slightly fruity finish that he’ll definitely want to brag to his drinking buddies about.

Buy It ($100)


52. Codenames Board Game

For the board game king

Codenames just came out a few years ago, but board game fans are already starting to refer to it as a classic. The strategy game involves playing as two rival spymasters and their teams going head-to-head to see who can make contact with all of their agents first.

$15 at Amazon

Best Buy

53. LG 55’’ Classic CX Series OLED 4K UHD Smart TV

For the movie junkie

He’s seen more movies than anyone you know—and with this TV he’ll be able watch them in brilliant clarity with amazing sound quality. The resolution is described as “breathtaking” and tech experts say LG has truly outdone itself with this new model. Sure, it’s not cheap, but he’s worth it.

Buy It ($1,600)


54. Symple Stuff Standing Desk Converter

For the workaholic

If you can’t get the old man to step away from the computer, at least you can get him to stand up while he works. This standing desk converter will be a godsend for his bad back. It sits on top of an existing desk and is totally adjustable so that he can shift it up and down throughout the day.

Buy It ($300; $146)


55. CubicFun 3D Brain Teaser Puzzles for Adults St. Paul’s Cathedral

For the puzzle master

When 1,000-piece endeavors become a breeze, it can be hard to find a puzzle that keeps him occupied. This 643-piece 3D puzzle should do the trick. Plus, Mom won’t mind having it on display for a few weeks once it’s finally done.

$46 at Amazon


56. Pasta of the Month Club (6 Months)

For the pasta-loving dad

Even though your family is a tenth Italian, he likes to “get in touch with his roots” by eating pasta at every chance he gets. Classic dad move. Sign him up for six months of Sfoglini’s Pasta of the Month Club and he’ll receive two boxes of organic pasta, plus recipe and pairing suggestions from the pasta shop’s resident chef.

Buy It ($120)


57. Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion

For the dad with joint pain

If your dad’s still skeptical about the whole CBD thing, you’ll just have to give him a little push. Once he slathers on this body lotion that’s infused with 100 mg of the soothing ingredient, he’ll see what all the hype is about. And maybe he’ll finally stop complaining about his bad knee.

Buy It ($40)


58. Gaiam Performance Alignment Grip Yoga Mat

For the yogi

Ever since quarantine, he’s started to get really into doing Zoom yoga on his lunch break. Support his new hobby by setting him up with this 5 mm thick yoga mat from Gaiam. It has special markers to help him improve his alignment on almost every pose.

Buy It ($70)

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