The 48 Best Gifts for New Dads to Help Them Feel Awesome in Their New Superman Role

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Long gone are the nights of post-work happy hours and getaways taken at a moment's notice. Now it’s all about tummy time and sleep schedules (that somehow never coincide with his own). Whether you're shopping for Father's Day for one guy or a pair of dads heading a family, a dad's birthday or a gift for his baby shower, it's an opportunity to say to the new dad: We got you, fella. We know parenting is no walk in the park (which is why moms also need a gift just for them), so we say gift the new dad or dads in your world something to make life a little easier—whether it’s baby-related (like this infant instruction manual) or not (he'll love these sweet treats). So show him that every day is Father's Day: Here are 48 gifts that new fathers will appreciate…possibly even more than that extra hour of sleep.

The 78 Best Gifts for Dad That He Will Actually Use (and Won't Abandon in the Garage)

best gifts for new dads hoodie

1. Custom Dad Est. 2022 Hoodie

Best Father's Day gift for New Dads

Get this for him to commemorate this very special year, when he became a dad and life as he knew it changed forever. But, you know, all said in hoodie form.

best gifts for new dads funny onesie

2. Tstars Funny Baby Bodysuit

Best Funny Gift for New Dads

Poke fun at his lack of childcare expertise with this all-cotton onesie—tell him it's okay he's confused, since babies don't come with instruction manuals.

best gifts for new dads coloring book

3. Dad Life: A Manly Adult Coloring Book

Best Gag Gift

Lots of funny zingers in here, like the design that reads "Dads: Refusing to ask directions since 1492." This 88-page book is great to gift along with a box of crayons.

best gifts for new dads dagne dover

4. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

Best Gift for at the Hospital

Mom isn't the only one who needs a bag to take to the hospital. This one can fit a toothbrush, change of clothes, a spare phone charger and even a 13-inch laptop...because when those contractions being speeding up, he'll need to be speeding to the hospital. And post-birth, he can use this as a carry-on bag, since it has a luggage sleeve to snugly fit onto rolling suitcase.

best gifts for new dads entrees

5. Elephants Deli Three Days Of Entrees

Most Unique Gift for New Dads

Beef lasagna. Beef stroganoff. Meatloaf. These three main courses are shipped frozen to the new father's home, because he'll be wanting some serious comfort food once his tiny new roommate has the household at their mercy.

best gifts for new dads personalized bracelet

6. Myka Leather Bracelet With Custom Beads

Best Personalized Gift

Gift the new dad the name of all this kids (up to seven!) and then, once he's got his latest addition named, the makers will send a bead customized with their name.

best gifts for new dads happyiest baby book

7. The Happiest Baby On The Block by Dr. Harvey Karp

Most Useful Gift for New Dads

This paperback classic from a UCLA pediatrics assistant professor who also runs a private practice is going to teach readers important concepts like the fourth trimester and the five S's of soothing (swaddle, side-stomach Position, shush, swing and suck). Everyone, not least of all the new dad, will learn something useful from this book.

best gifts for new dads outdoor blanket

8.Oceas Outdoor Pocket Blanket

Best Small Gift

This 60-by-55-inch polyester blanket rolls up into a pouch that fits into the palm of a hand, but it's got sturdy reinforced rivets that, along with the accompanying small stakes, keep the blanket in place while the new baby is exploring tummy time in the park. There's even a carabiner that attaches to your stroller.

gifts for new dads backpack

Best for the Designated Supplies Carrier

This is a diaper bag disguised as a really cool waterproof backpack. Even with the changing pad, there's room for up to two kids' supplies in the main compartment and special pockets for wipes and bottles.

gifts for new dads trunks

10. Bonobos Throwback Swim Trunks

For the Dad Who Loves the Beach

The throwback styling (piping and pockets!) is just like his dad used to wear. And now, it's his turn.

best gifts for new dads charger

11. Courant Catch 1 Charger

Best Gift for New Dads' Bedside

Help him simplify his coming bedside clutter of pacifiers and sippy cups with this low-profile wireless charger.

travel pillow

For the Globetrotter

Babies don’t care where or when they fall asleep in your arms. Enter: this comfy high-tech neck pillow that makes sitting up for two hours bearable.

best gifts for new dads shorts

13. Lululemon At Ease 7-inch Shorts

Best for the Understated Dresser

Four-way stretch fabric, a drawcord that can be tucked in and ultra-soft textured fabric are going to make these the shorts he reaches for first.

Size Range: XXS to XXL

best gifts for new dads prima recovery rub

For the Weekend Warrior

Baby carriers are great until the back aches and sore necks start. But this CBD-infused balm soothes it all. No really, it alleviates pain in mere minutes.

best gifts for new dads hair love

For the New Dad of a Little Girl

This book accompanies the Academy Award-winning short of the same name and is a glorious testament to Black familial care—and a great head of hair.

brooklinen robe

For the Nighttime Feeding Volunteer

R&R is a rarity these days, but this super-plush robe can even make 3 a.m. feeding duty feel like a trip to the spa. (Sort of.)

Size range: XS to XL

foot massager

17. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine With Heat

For the Dad Who Paces

The baby won't sleep unless you're standing and rocking. But soothing sore soles with this foot massager makes it even sweeter when she finally goes down for a nap.

best gifts for new dads recliner

18. Novogratz Lana Recliner

Best for the Sports Fan

He's a dad he's earned the right to recline in comfort in front of the game. (This vegan leather recliner looks like a club chair for all the non-football-watching other times in the week.)

best home purchases 21

For the Wine O'Clock Guy

Because he's still his same wine-appreciating self. (And you can reap the benefits, too.)


For the Eco-Conscious

These low carbon footprint kicks are ultra-comfy, which will make standing for hours feel more like floating on clouds.

bluetooth speaker
Best Buy

For the Music Lover

Sturdy enough for curious baby hands and powerful enough for playing Baby Shark on repeat for hours (and hours).

best gifts for new dads power boose

For the Forgetful Phone Charger

A power bank that fits right in his wallet, because his phone always seems to die right before capturing that little gummy grin.

best gifts for new dads chatbooks

For the Nostalgic Fellow

It can be hard to find the deckle-edging tool and other scrapbooking supplies at a moment's notice. However, it's easy to use Chatbooks's handy app. Use it to send a monthly batch of photos from social media or your photo roll that are then magically transformed into a keepsake soft- or hardcover book he'll treasure for years.

blue bottle
Blue Bottle Coffee

For the Guy Who Enjoys Primo Coffee

Coffee that shows up when he needs it most. Need we say more?

pizza oven

For the Carbohydrates Fan

Recreate his favorite gourmet pizza while the baby monitor sits close by.

best gifts for new dads slippers

26. Dearfoams Buffalo Plaid Slipper

Best for the Cuddly Dad

Possibly the sweetest message anyone could ever have during a middle-of-the-night feeding session, right there on his feet where his sleepy gaze will land.

Size Range: S to XL

best gifts for new dads ice cubes
Bed Bath and Beyond

For the Craft Cocktail Lover

Much like his coffee that always goes lukewarm, the ice in his whiskey melts before he gets a chance to drink it. But these molds create giant ice spheres that melt slower—and let's be real—look cooler.

best gifts for new dads roomba
Bed Bath and Beyond

29. Irobot Roomba Wi-fi Connected Self-emptying Vacuum

For the Neatnik

Since no one feels like cleaning after being on kid duty all day.

gifts for new dads twin shirts

For the Tech Bro

Because this is what he's going to feel like...pretty much from now on.

best for new dads hemp elixir

30. Aplos Hemp-infused Elixir

Best for the Cocktail-Loving Dad

This non-alcoholic herbal drink has notes of yuzu, rosemary, basil, cucumber and dandelion, and makes a great 5 p.m. wind-down after a big day of parenting, with no hangover the next day.

best gifts for new dads bearby

Best for Comfort Seekers

Yes! They too can get swaddled. Plus, this guy looks pretty chic draped on a couch or bed.

best gifts for new dads vuori sweats

Best for the Casual Clothes Fan

Now he’ll understand your athleisure obsession.

gifts for new dads ring
Best Buy

For the Security Conscious

It's a spend, sure, but it's worth pooling with other gift givers to give him the most precious thing he can have—a sense of security for his new family.

best gifts for new dads 2022 mug

For the Collector

Because he's going to want an early-morning memento that reads the year it all happened.

gifts for new dad acupressure

For the High Strung Guy

S--- is about to get real, so support the new dad with this acupressure stress relief tool he clips onto his hand and, ahhh.

new dad sleep mask

For the Napper

When sleep schedules are all thrown off, this light-blocking mask will make any afternoon feel like nighttime.

best gifts for new dads headphones
Best Buy

For the Kid at Heart

Just get him a gift he actually wants: Wireless headphones to really escape into gaming.

new dad baby shusher

For the Dad Who Loves Peace and Quiet

This tool uses a real human voice to lull babies to sleep with the calming sound of “shush.” Um, genius.

best gifts for new dads tshirt

Best for Hip Guys

This T-shirt will remind him he's living the dream, even when he's covered in spit-up.

best gifts for new dads instant pot
Best Buy

For the Chef

For days when he wants to help out, but is too tired to spend precious time in the kitchen, this six-quart Instant Pot is going to make him dinner MVP.

best gifts for new dads sweets

41. Knack Sugar Daddy Gift Set

For the Dad with a Sweet Tooth

Marshmallows, salt caramel and bourbon-laced gummy bears are all included in this delightful box of glycemic overload.

best gifts for new dads tile sticker

For the Forgetful

Because on-the-go dads don’t have time to remember where they left their wallet, keys or the baby’s diaper bag. These handy little trackers stick directly to any device, making it easy to find via the Tile app.

ember mug

For the One Who Likes It Hot

The second he pours a cup of coffee, the baby wakes up. This smart mug will keep that java nice and warm, even if it’s an hour before he sits back down to enjoy it.


For the Beer Drinker

Bonus points if you fill it with his favorite local brew before gifting.

ancestry kit

For the Aspiring Genealogy Buff

He'll want to make sure he gets all the facts straight when teaching the kiddo about his family tree.

dyson air purifier
Bed Bath and Beyond

For the Dude with Thermostat Control Issues

Pure air and the perfect temperature are just what he needs to doze off like a newborn.

meditation headband

47. Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband

We could all use a little more Zen, and this guided meditation headband tracks brain waves to offer real time feedback for his most productive practice, even if it's just five quick minutes.

ipad keyboard
Best Buy

For the Guy with a Mobile Office

He'll be all for anything that makes his life easier, like this iPad stand/keyboard that turns his tablet into a desktop in a snap.