11 Grilling Gifts Your Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

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ICYMI, Father’s Day is June 21, which just so happens to coincide with the official start of grilling season. Instead of buying your dad a tie for the fourth year in a row, why not get him suited up with a few new accessories that will take his searing game up a notch? Whether your old man is an actual grill master or just fancies himself one, he’ll love any of these 11 grilling gifts.

The 4 Best Grills on the Market, According to a Bonafide Grill Master

grilling gifts burlap and barrel fundamentals spice collection
Burlap & Barrel

1. Burlap & Barrel Fundamentals 9-piece Spice Collection

Before he gets to the grill, your dad’s going to want to concoct a fancy rub for that steak. Treat him to a set of these high-quality spices and watch him go wild. (Then throw away his 10-year-old meat seasoning while he’s not looking.)

grilling gifts bk black steel 12 inch barbecue skillet
Sur la Table

2. Bk Black Steel 12-inch Barbecue Skillet

Since it’s made with carbon steel, this grilling skillet is ultra-lightweight but just as heat conductive as cast iron. Plus, it’s suitable for everything he’d want to throw on the coals, from scallops to steak. The perforations allow excess grease to drip out while also letting those flames kiss your food, for that delectable, smoky flavor.

Buy it ($60)

grilling gifts thermapen mk4 instant read thermometer

3. Thermapen Mk4 Instant-read Thermometer

We can all agree: There’s nothing worse than an overcooked cut of meat. And a digital thermometer is key for getting a medium-rare finish, every time. This editor swears by the Thermapen, which gives an accurate temperature reading in two seconds flat.

grilling gifts l l bean trailblazer sportsman 420 headlamp
L.L. Bean

4. L.l.bean Trailblazer Sportsman 420 Headlamp

The coals don’t go out just because the sun goes down. For the extremely dedicated griller, a headlamp will allow him to safely whip up late night burgers and hot dogs with ease.

grilling gifts ooni koda outdoor pizza oven
Williams Sonoma

5. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

OK, it’s kind of grilling adjacent, but this outdoor pizza oven could win you child of the year award. Instead of a wood fire, this Ooni oven uses a one-touch gas ignition to heat up and it can bake a pro-level pie in as little as 60 seconds. (Can you tell we want one for ourselves?)

grilling gifts pizzacraft 14 inch grilling pizza stone
Bed Bath & Beyond

6. Pizzacraft 14-inch Perfect Pizza Grilling Stone

Don’t want to clutter the deck with another toy for dad? This $60 stoneware oven will convert his grill grates into a pizza-producing factory and will create pies that are way better than takeout, hands down.

grilling gifts pit grilling mitts
Williams Sonoma

7. Pit Grilling Mitts

Show Dad you care with a pair of protective mitts for his hands. These are heat resistant up to 475°F and stretchy enough to be one size fits all.

grilling gifts cast iron seafood grilling pot
Sur la Table

8. Cast Iron Seafood Pot

Summertime clam bake, anyone? This cast-iron vessel conducts and retains high temperatures for the quick cooking of shellfish. BTW, the lid can be inverted to collect empty shells once you’re digging in.

grilling gifts jacobsen salt co spicy salt trio
Williams Sonoma

9. Jacobsen Salt Co. Spicy Salt Trio

The secret to the tastiest meals? It’s all in the seasoning. These flaky salts are blended with hot peppers for smoked ghost pepper, habanero and chile lime salts. Use them to spice up chicken, seafood or steak.

grilling gifts weber original kettle premium 22 inch charcoal grill
Home Depot

10. Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-inch Charcoal Grill

If dear old Dad is still using the same grill he bought in 1998, give him the gift of an upgrade. This classic charcoal option has a large cooking surface for both direct and indirect heat, and a one-touch cleaning system for easy mess removal, post-feast.

grilling gifts porter york boneless ribeye set of four 16 ounce steaks
Sur la Table

11. Porter & York Boneless Ribeye Steaks (set Of Four 16-ounce Steaks)

What’s the point of a grill without something impressive to cook on it? Ribeyes have plenty of marbling for flavor and texture, and these are cut to order. Surprise Dad by whipping them up for Father’s Day dinner while he relaxes (or, you know, watches like a hawk).

Buy it ($145)

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