We Analyzed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Zodiac Compatibility—& It Sounds *Very* Promising

It’s written in the stars

taylor swift travis kelce zodiac compatibility
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Ever since Taylor Swift attended her first Kansas City Chiefs game in support of her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the world has been cheering them on from the sidelines. The question is: Are Swift (Sagittarius) and Kelce (Libra) astrologically compatible? 

We turned to PureWow’s astrology expert, Jaime Wright, for the 411 on their compatibility, their horoscopes and what the future holds for the popular couple. 

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First of all, it’s no surprise that Swift is attracted to Kelce, based on the typical personality traits of a Libra. “Between their charming smile and custom blended perfume, Libra’s romantic energy attracts tons of admirers,” Wright explained. “And since the Scales see beauty in all beings, they might find themselves crushing on everyone, too.”

Wright admitted that a Libra-Sagittarius pairing often has a fairytale-esque attraction, and her description sounds like the beginning of a love song (*hint, hint*). “This pairing can play out like an indie movie: The philosopher meets the artist and sweeps her away to the desert on his motorcycle where they fall asleep under the stars while having deep, intellectual conversation,” she said. 

Not to mention, the compatibility between a Libra and a Sagittarius is *chef’s kiss.* “Sagittarians love an adventure and, though Libras prefer to be in charge, sometimes they want to go along for someone else’s ride,” the astrology expert added. Sounds an awful lot like Swift and Kelce's situation…

taylor swift travis kelce zodiac compatibility field
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The potential between Swift and Kelce is further clarified by their horoscope predictions for February 2024, which hint that the future is bright. “With the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all spending at least half of the month in your romance sector, there’s no time like the present to prioritize your love life,” she explained in regard to Libras.

This clearly bodes well for Kelce, especially as he'll have more time for his girlfriend as soon as the football season is officially over after the Super Bowl. Once he’s not tied down with daily practices and weekly games, he’ll have plenty of time to focus on his relationship with Swift. Perhaps he’ll travel for a few legs of The Eras Tour? 

One thing’s for sure: Their romance seems to be written in the stars. 

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