Everything You Need to Know About the Libra Personality
Sofia Kraushaar

You peer into a shop window and see a florist standing before several buckets of fresh wildflowers. Gracefully plucking a few stems from each bunch and nestling them into a vase, he arranges, rearranges and steps back to examine his art. The expert pops in eucalyptus sprigs for height and pale blue forget-me-nots to marry the gold daisies. This keen eye for harmony is Libra energy at its best. It’s the ability to bring together ideas, people and yes, gorgeous floral bouquets. Learn more about the Libra personality and what makes the zodiac’s aesthetes flourish here.

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You sun sign: Libra

Your element: Air. The three air signs—Gemini, Libra and Aquarius—are the intellectual forces of the zodiac. Find them wandering around the non-fiction section of the library, asking probing questions at dinner parties and blowing up your inbox at 2 a.m. with a wacky idea. Air signs are all about learning and communication, but they also crave their own space when all the chatting is over. Think of Libra channeling the air element as a gentle breeze, wrapping us in its friendliness and understanding.

Your quality: Cardinal. As Libra ushers in the first blissful days of fall, Cardinal signs are born during the starting point of each season. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn embody this eager, initiating energy. Call on the Cardinals to jump into a new volunteer project or start a neighborhood book club. These signs know how to get things going, but they might not have the staying power to see their plans through until the very end. (They’ll need the Fixed signs to keep the readers engaged.)  

Your ruling planet: Ah, Venus. Planet of luxurious surroundings, sensual pleasures and pure romance. If you’re in awe of the sunlight peeking through the treetops or the gold flecks in your partner’s eyes, you’re feeling the Venusian influence. The celestial jewel rules how we see the beauty all around us. So it’s no surprise that Libra's candle-lit selfies look like they belong in a French art gallery. 

Your symbol: The Scales. Libra’s constellation takes shape in the scales, which represent the sign’s drive to bring about equality and justice in their universe. 

Key phrase: “I balance.”

Your one-word mantra: “Decide.” (Read every zodiac sign’s mantra here.) 

Best traits: Libra is the silk thread weaving together the opposing forces in their lives. Find them reconnecting two family members who let grudges get in the way of Thanksgiving. Or convincing a high school bully to apologize to their classmates. Libra’s gift is making everyone around them feel so wonderfully seen, understood and accepted. They’re masters of listening to life stories and long-winded rants. And if you know a Libra, you’re lucky to have been on the receiving end of some of the most specific, heartfelt compliments ever crafted. Libras are fascinated by all of the shades of human nature and know how to see everyone in their best light. 

Worst traits: Conflict is the limbo stick Libra bends and contorts to avoid. Libras need to be seen as the well-mannered, warm-hearted souls, which makes putting up a fight feel daunting—or impossible. Libra energy blurs the line between peacekeeping and pretending. Instead of confronting their co-worker about constantly having to cover their shits, Libra might take on the task with a forced smile. The Scales need to learn that it’s okay to tip in one direction or else toxic energy can build. We might see Libra’s indirect approach to conflict spill out in gossip sessions or glaring passive aggression. Since Libra has such strong ideals, suppressing their voice is giving away their power (in a neatly-wrapped gift basket). 

Best careers: Color palettes, mood boards, movie soundtracks. Libra flourishes in the art realm. The air signs have a strong eye for aesthetics, making them gifted photographers, art historians, architects, designers and decor experts. And while Libra is drawn to harmony and symmetry in the visual sense, they’re also called to balance the scales of human rights. Guided by justice, Libras are influential in law, government and activism. Whichever career Libras land on, they’ll place equal importance on their time away from the office. That means socializing with co-workers at a 5 p.m. happy hour or closing the laptop early to head to yoga class.

As a friend: For Libra, life isn’t a solo mission. The air signs would rather wander through life hand in hand with treasured friends (and stop to smell the roses along the way). Libras light up when they’re spending time with their crew and cherish all of their friends’ opinions and idiosyncrasies. The air signs never miss an opportunity to show their pals how much they care. Little acts of love, like handmade cards or photo albums, are a Libra trademark. Unlike Libra’s zodiac opposite, Aries, who tells the world who they are in all caps, Libra finds their sense of self through others. These natural mediators see themselves in each of their friends, which is why they’re able to ease any tension that might bubble up in their group. You can thank Libra by letting them style you.

As a parent: Libra’s littles will be the best-dressed kids in the playground. Think: warm neutral sweaters, charm bracelets and bomber jackets. But these parents dig deeper to instill still a sense of morality and fairness in their kids. They won’t just enforce rules, but they’ll make sure kids know the reasoning behind them. Airy Libra’s parenting laws can be swayed, however, if their child makes a strong case for why they need to eat the cookie for breakfast or break curfew. Libras are generous and encouraging parents. And you can spot their kids writing thank you notes or sharing half of their lunch with a classmate. 

As a partner: Between their charming smile and custom blended perfume, Libra’s romantic energy attracts tons of admirers. And since the Scales see beauty in all beings, they might find themselves crushing on everyone, too. (To be fair, the mushroom vendor at the farmer’s market was totally flirting with them.) The air signs can get lost in the fantasy of someone, envisioning their first date....and their first steps as a married couple, before actually getting to know the person IRL. Libra might even unknowingly mirror the person they’re into, taking on their crush’s gestures, phrases and interests seamlessly. But when reality sets in, Libra is incredibly particular about their significant other. They’re looking for an equal partnership. Sure, the meet-cute is important, but a relationship where Libra can share every idea and adventure is a sweeter deal. (Just know they’ll never be the one to pick the restaurant.)

A trait no one realizes: Libras are known for their abilities to forge partnerships with just about anyone, but that doesn't mean they rely on others. They’re often cast as being codependent, but Libras are among the best leaders in the zodiac, especially when they’re striving toward a just cause. Libra’s diplomacy and deep understanding of people allows them to thrive at the podium. With their strong vision and that famous Libra charm, they’ll rally the masses behind their ideas and lead with compassion.

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