Pete Davidson Is ‘Not Completely Comfortable’ with Kim Kardashian in Public Yet, According to Body Language Expert

Kim Kardashian and her new beau, Pete Davidson, are making headlines as of late, but what’s really happening between them?

We recently turned to body language expert Darren Stanton (on behalf of Slingo), who analyzed photos of the couple at the 2022 Met Gala. While their chemistry was off the charts at the star-studded event, Stanton revealed that Davidson didn’t seem 100 percent comfortable standing next to Kardashian.

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“There were moments when Pete tilted his body position away from Kim, so much so that there was a subtle distance between them and forced them to appear quite separate despite being together,” Stanton told PureWow. “The position of Pete’s feet was also significant—his foot was turned at an angle, again away from Kim, in the direction he was inclined to go in.”

Stanton continued, “It’s a tell-tale sign of someone feeling uncomfortable and wanting to remove themselves from the situation they are in. Such a gesture from Pete suggests he isn’t fully confident around Kim in public yet and that the pair are still defining how they present themselves in public.”

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Although Davidson seemed uneasy at times, Stanton confirmed they “looked very much in love.” He said, “At one point, Pete was seen gazing at Kim and had his body turned towards her as she worked the cameras. Kim, meanwhile, was ever the professional and adopted her signature pose—holding her hands on her hips with sharp elbows. This gesture is used to assert your importance, while Pete stood with a simpler posture, suggesting that Kim is the more dominant one of the couple.”

Stanton also noted that Davidson seemed far more polished than usual, adding, “It was easy to see Kim’s influence on Pete for their red-carpet appearance at the Met Gala, with Pete ditching his usual t-shirts for a very slick designer suit. From Kim’s body language, it’s clear to see that she wants to play out her relationship with Pete differently in the media, compared to her previous marriage to Kanye West.”

kim kardashian pete davidson body language expert
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Speaking of, Davidson’s body language couldn’t be more different from the reality star’s ex-husband, Kanye West. “There is also a clear difference between the images of Pete and Kim to previous photos of herself and Kanye at similar events. Kanye usually had a tendency to hold back and let Kim take center stage—often dismissing the spotlight,” Stanton explained. “Pete, however, appears to like the limelight and positioned himself very close to Kim as they walked the red carpet. He is used to dealing with the public and the media attention, although it appears he isn’t completely comfortable out in public with Kim just yet.”

Kris Jenner, you know what to do.

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