Body Language Expert Says Prince Harry Had a "Clear Emotional Shift" While Discussing His Late Mother on ‘Today’

Princess Diana will always have a special place in Prince Harry's heart. And if you need proof, just take another look at his most recent solo interview on the TODAY show.

To gain further insight into Harry's conversation, we turned to body language expert Darren Stanton (on behalf of Slingo), who analyzed the Duke of Sussex during his exclusive chat with Hoda Kotb earlier this month. If you recall, the royal talked about his family and his visit with Queen Elizabeth. But when he started to discuss his late mother, Stanton explained, "Harry displayed a very sudden change in his emotions. He is someone that is very in tune with his feelings and we immediately saw his body language shift."

"For the majority of the interview, Harry appeared reserved," Stanton continued. "His body language was closed and he displayed gestures of self-reassurance—a sign that he was uneasy and uncomfortable to share too much detail when discussing his private life at home with Meghan and their kids and his relationships with other members of the Royal family."

"However, speaking about Diana there is a warmness about Harry. As he heard Diana’s name, Harry dropped his head down and his eyebrows came together, we saw flashes of sadness across his face—his microexpressions alluding to his true state of mind."

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While Harry displayed warmth while talking about the late princess, the expert also observed that he's still deeply affected by his family's loss. Stanton said, "Even though he lost his mother over 25 years ago, the feelings he has are clearly still incredibly raw. This was visible when Harry was told by the reporter that Diana would be proud of him. Harry’s voice broke slightly and his pitch went up as he agreed, responding: ‘I’m sure she is proud of me.’"

He continued, "It’s clear Harry still loves her very much and she still plays a very important part in his life. His response to Diana being proud of him spoke volumes and proves he is clearly missing her—now more so than ever. Had he not, he wouldn’t have had that much of an emotional response. It’s clear he holds a sadness that Diana isn’t here to meet [his] wife Meghan and their two children, but to Harry, Diana still has an integral presence in his every day."

We're sure that Princess Di would be one proud mom if she could see her little boy today.

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